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Roslagen Open Öppen Klass 2017

Last update 02.09.2017 15:22:38, Creator/Last Upload: scandinavian-chess-tournament

Starting rank

1Attefall Ove1717413SWE1765Schack 64 Haparanda
2Husman Ake1717502SWE1724Upsala ASS
3Eriksson Hans 19421730053SWE1586Roslagsbro SK
4Rottorp Nicklas1736116SWE1579Rånäs SK
5Hellmer Helena1719874SWE1479Solna SS
6Agrest Simon1735551SWE1466Sollentuna SK
7Nilsson Oliver1730177SWE1442Trojanska Hästen
8Asensio Ruiz De Alda Javier24563030ESP1376CE Badia, Barcelona
9Hall Alexander1738933SWE1373SS Gambit
10Barlund Johnny1727389SWE0SS Gambit
11Mirabdulla Zulfiya1750186SWE04 Springare
12Sandulf Viggo1752146SWE0Trojanska Hästen