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2017 Toronto Open Crown

Last update 05.09.2017 02:29:01, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1IMNoritsyn Nikolay2604922CAN2633
2GMBykhovsky Avigdor4101057RUS2417
3Emuakpeje Ochuko8501300NGR2384
4FMIvanov Mike2613158CAN2381
5FMPlotkin Victor2606674CAN2375
6FMMilicevic Goran2601567CAN2366
7Plotkin Mark2611651CAN2361
8Hua Eugene2618150CAN2340
9Chen Richard2617099CAN2328
10Rek Viatcheslav (slava)2605414CAN2283
11Cai Jason2618133CAN2273
12Talukdar Rohan2616378CAN2267
13Dukic Zachary2617188CAN2254
14Agbabishvili Lali2613433CAN2251
15Liang Hairan2620278CAN2249
16Nasir Zehn2613239CAN2243
17Noritsyn Sergey2616408CAN2240
18Henry Liam2605147CAN2227
19Javidfard Amirsalar12507466IRI2224
20Southam David2601044CAN2222
21Zhao Harry2620413CAN2159
22Zhong Joey2617102CAN2158
23Shebetah Wajdy11500131PLE2156
24FMMunro Allan7700245TTO2120
25CMXu Jeffrey2617110CAN2110
26WIMOuellet Maili-Jade2620472CAN2108
27Zotkin Daniel2615339CAN2107
28Wiebe Daniel2612275CAN2105
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