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VIII Open Internacional Ciudad de Eivissa (Event code: 170326)

Last update 03.11.2017 22:33:00, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 203)

Player overview for SRB

7IMKovacevic Slobodan23122296SRB110111117,0100,00

Results of the last round for SRB

Rd.Bo.No. NamePts. ResultPts. Name No.
IMKovacevic Slobodan6 1 - 06 IMToledano Llinares Juan A.

Player details for SRB

IM Kovacevic Slobodan 2312 SRB Rp:2364 Pts. 7,0
143Valero Jimenez Jose Manuel14711442ESP4,0s 10,1100,00
224Martinez Colomar Alejandro18561845ESP4,0w 10,1100,00
316Maalla Abdessadek20942071MAR6,0s 0-0,7800,00
425Ruzafa Sanchez Juan18291875ESP4,0w 10,1100,00
518Gutierrez Coll Juan Luis20500ESP4,5s 10,1800,00
614Ezquerro Luque Albert21602125ESP5,0w 10,3000,00
72GMAlsina Leal Daniel25082522CAT6,0s 10,7500,00
810IMToledano Llinares Juan A.22582242ESP6,0w 10,4200,00