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VIII Open Internacional Ciudad de Eivissa (Event code: 170326)

Last update 03.11.2017 22:33:00, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 203)

Player overview for ARG

4IMMinzer Claudio Javier24202424ARG111011016,0410-4,60
35Vidal Torres Roberto15861593ARG001010002,04720-72,40

Results of the last round for ARG

Rd.Bo.No. NamePts. ResultPts. Name No.
FMNapoli Nicolo5 0 - 15 IMMinzer Claudio Javier
Tur Bordes Arnau2 1 - 02 Vidal Torres Roberto

Player details for ARG

IM Minzer Claudio Javier 2420 ARG Rp:2256 Pts. 6,0
139Reina Fernandez Fabian15101548ESP4,0w 10,11101,10
221Apolo Sanchez Manuel19721954ESP5,0s 10,11101,10
312Mayans Calvo Mariano22330CAT5,5w 10,26102,60
416Maalla Abdessadek20942071MAR6,0s 0-0,8710-8,70
517Jover Font Pau20592071CAT5,5w 10,11101,10
622Rodriguez Diaz Javier19431961CAT5,5s 10,11101,10
73GMVila Gazquez Xavier24382463CAT6,0w 0-0,4710-4,70
811FMNapoli Nicolo22542312ITA5,0s 10,28102,80
Vidal Torres Roberto 1586 ARG Rp:1213 Pts. 2,0
11GMTimman Jan H25960NED5,5w 0-0,1120-2,20
253Spada Vittoria12690ITA3,0s 0-0,8720-17,40
377Roig Roig Pau00ESP2,0w 1
465Holzer Erik01683NED3,0s 0
575Reina Sorribas Naila00ESP1,0w 1
660Ramirez Cardona Antonio Jose12211249ESP3,0s 0-0,8920-17,80
754Hernandez Gallardo Alvaro12491244ESP3,0w 0-0,8820-17,60
858Tur Bordes Arnau12300ESP3,0s 0-0,8920-17,80