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Landesmeisterschaft NÖSV 2006 Ybbs Jugend U-18

Last update 06.01.2006 09:42:26, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

1Wolfram DominikAUT2043Vhs Poysdorf
2Sadilek PeterAUT1983Wolkersdorf
3Wagner StefanAUT1915Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
4Reinwald PatrickAUT1766Korneuburg
5Heinzel LisetteAUT1668Sc Raika Sieghartskirchen
6Ruh ThomasAUT1616Sk St.poelten
7Medetz MarkusAUT1533Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
8Hoermann RomanAUT1445Sv Ybbs