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Championnat 2017 RAPID PHASE 1 Centre Catégorie B - 4e Journée

Last update 27.08.2017 16:51:35, Creator/Last Upload: cameroon chess-federation

Starting rank

1Tchouli FredericCMR1720Yaounde Chess Club
2Magne SylvianeCMR1630Yaoundé Chess Club
3Djatche BertinCMR1610Yaoundé Chess Club
4Mayang PascalCMR1610Yaoundé Chess Club
5Tchuengue EmmanuelCMR1610Yaoundé Chess Club
6Nkumba MaximeCMR1600Yaoundé Chess Club
7Tabue Wafo CedricCMR1600Yaoundé Chess Club
8Dasmat FocartCMR1590Yaoundé Chess Club
9Ndong Owona HubertCMR1590Yaoundé Chess Club
10Mba'ale MichaelCMR1560Yaounde Chess Club
11Elessa AlphonseCMR1580