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East-Pole Intra College Chess Tournament - 2074

Last update 25.08.2017 17:58:08, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank

1Acharya NabinNEP0Grade-XII
2Acharya SuratNEP0Grade-XI
3Bal AnishNEP0Grade-XI
4Bharati BikashNEP0Grade-XI
5Bhatta DikshyantNEP0Grade-XI
6Chaulagain SabinaNEP0Grade-XI
7Dahal PuskarNEP0Grade-XI
8Dhakal AbinNEP0Grade-XI
9Dhakal AmritNEP0Grade-XII
10Gautam ManishNEP0Grade-XI
11Ghalan DeepakNEP0Grade-XI
12Karki PawanNEP0Grade-XI
13Lama Jillap LhoNEP0Grade-XII
14Lama MilanNEP0Grade-XI
15Lama RoshanNEP0Grade-XII
16Lamichhane ArjunNEP0Grade-XI
17Magar ManishNEP0Grade-XII
18Magar TamberNEP0Grade-XI
19Pokhrel KamalNEP0Grade-XI
20Rai SurajNEP0Grade-XII
21Shandari BimodNEP0Grade-XII
22Shrestha Dinesh KumarNEP0Grade-XII
23Shrestha MohanNEP0Grade-XII
24Shrestha SarojNEP0Grade-XI
25Shrestha TarunNEP0Grade-XI
26Subedi SairajNEP0Grade-XI
27Sunuwar NishaNEP0Grade-XII
28Tamang Sonam 11NEP0Grade-XI
29Tamang Sonam 12NEP0Grade-XII
30Tamang AshokNEP0Grade-XII
31Tamang BirajNEP0Grade-XII
32Tamang ChhiringNEP0Grade-XI
33Tamang DawaNEP0Grade-XI
34Tamang Dawa WangelNEP0Grade-XII
35Tamang LaxmanNEP0Grade-XI
36Tamang NabinNEP0Grade-XI
37Tamang PembaNEP0Grade-XI
38Tamang SurajNEP0Grade-XI