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Championnat nationnal des jeunes U12 F

Last update 28.08.2017 20:40:59, Creator/Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank list of players

1Adouane Selma7910592ALG0
7Aichaoui Dalia7922604ALG0
6Ait Ali Yahia Lydia7912226ALG0
10Belattar Ines7910282ALG0
9WCMBenelfekir Imene7908490ALG0
3WCMChabane Lina7915063ALG0
4Djerroud Chahrazed7910762ALG0
8Hazem Oujdane Rayen7908342ALG0
5WCMNassr Manel7911696ALG0
2Rahem Imene7917414ALG0