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UpsalaASS September-ELO gr A 2017

Last update 03.09.2017 23:10:07, Creator/Last Upload: david foster

Starting rank

1Lundin Jan1706896SWE2283Farsta SK
2Malmstig Erik1702866SWE2272Rock, UmeƄ
3Arman Deniz6302106TUR2270Kristallens SK
4Malm Lindberg Henrik1702599SWE2228Upsala ASS
5Holm Magnus1702343SWE2130Schack 78
6Cardenas William1727001SWE2114Uppsala SSS
7Thörnblad Erik1719645SWE2110Upsala ASS
8Fernandez Juan Pablo1705920SWE2036Upsala ASS
9Ekelund Kurt1706667SWE1998Upsala ASS
10Trost Edvin1729519SWE1945SK Rockaden