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Steve Boniface Memorial 2017 Major

Last update 27.08.2017 20:25:13, Creator/Last Upload:

Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd TB1 
1Williams Stephen M152ENG 18b1 9w1 2b½ 5b1 4w½4,0
Patel Devan146ENG 22w1 29b1 1w½ 4b½ 10w14,0
Wilson Matthew D142ENG 14w1 4b½ 25w1 10b½ 11w14,0
4Di-Vetta Andrew148WLS 21b1 3w½ 12b1 2w½ 1b½3,5
Strong Chris M144ENG 26b1 8w1 7b1 1w0 6b½3,5
Williams Stephen140WLS 10b½ 22w1 24b1 5w½3,5
7Hibbitt Arthur M152ENG 11w1 25b1 5w0 13b½ 12b½3,0
Woodward Tim F150ENG 15w1 5b0 20w½ 16b1 13w½3,0
Stubbs Oliver145ENG 23w1 1b0 15w1 11b0 24w13,0
Jones Timothy M137ENG 24b1 6w½ 16b1 3w½ 2b03,0
Macarthur Duncan M134ENG 7b0 17w1 14b1 9w1 3b03,0
Mcintosh David134WLS 19b1 4w0 20b1 7w½3,0
Rogers David R130ENG 20b½ 29w1 7w½ 8b½3,0
Walker Max115ENG 3b0 21w1 11w0 27b1 23w13,0
15Fursman Lynne J127ENG 8b0 28w1 9b0 17w½ 26b12,5
Cunliffe Nicholas117ENG 27b1 10w0 8w0 29b12,5
Mcintosh Rachel113WLS 11b0 27w½ 15b½ 25w12,5
18Sage Antony J131ENG 1w0 23b1 24w0 22b½ 20w½2,0
Morris-Weston Robin T128ENG 12w0 21b0 29b1 22w½2,0
Kan Toby126ENG 13w½ 8b½ 12w0 18b½2,0
Millener Richard P124ENG 4w0 14b0 19w1 23b0 27w12,0
Belinger John119ENG 2b0 26w1 6b0 18w½ 19b½2,0
Fursman Rob119ENG 9b0 18w0 28b1 21w1 14b02,0
Leroy Jason109ENG 10w0 -1 18b1 6w0 9b02,0
25Papier Alan R145ENG 28b1 7w0 3b0 26w½ 17b01,5
Tye Jack118ENG 5w0 22b0 -1 25b½ 15w01,5
27Millbank Howard K129ENG 16w0 17b½ 14w0 21b01,0
Carver Anthony Wr119ENG 25w0 15b0 23w0 -1 -01,0
Manouvel Christi85FRA -1 2w0 13b0 19w0 16w01,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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