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NÖ Mostviertel Startliga 2017/18

Last update 03.12.2017 18:11:31, Creator/Last Upload: winfried wadsack

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Tieber Michael1776Amstetten 858,33,518226
Board 2
1Streyc Thomas1291Mauer 587,57,016358
2Tieber Thomas1346Amstetten 987,57,015218
3Scheuch René1328Amstetten 962,55,013038
4Schiller Jan1254Amstetten 833,32,012656
5Haida Johannes Wolfgang DI.1313Amstetten 725,02,011118
6Kirchweger Alexander1062Böhlerwerk 425,01,510836
Board 3
1Elhenicky Alexander1020Mauer 591,75,514486
2Ebner Klara1050Amstetten 850,03,011296
3Schagerl Elias1057Böhlerwerk 450,03,010496
4Kherlen Uhaalag1039Böhlerwerk 425,01,58816
5Tieber Stefan863Amstetten 825,01,57986
6Huber Sebastian905Amstetten 712,51,08228
Board 4
1Wadsack Magdalena940Amstetten 981,36,511218
2Tüchler Jan971Mauer 568,85,511118