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Departamental CAP 2017

Last update 20.10.2017 07:20:56, Creator/Last Upload: federacion uruguaya de ajedrez (1)

Starting rank list of players

6NMOddone Cristhian3001334URU2401Paysandu
4NMUlaneo Nicolas3001377URU2329Paysandu
13Tregarthen Emiliano3000974URU2263Paysandu
9CMUlaneo Ruben3001369URU2229Paysandu
7Ulaneo Matias3001040URU2122Paysandu
2Campopiano Julio3001059URU1983Paysandu
11Maristan Agustin3007170URU1943Paysandu
3Chaparro Richart3001067URU1895Paysandu
1Pintos Maximiliano3007197URU1874Paysandu
8Maristan Emiliano3007189URU1849Paysandu
12Larrosa Carlos3001520URU1587Paysandu
5Pintos Sergio3005917URU1513Paysandu
10Galvan Cristian3010287URU0Paysandu