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3rd Hong Kong National Open and Junior Rapid 2017 OPEN & U18

Last update 16.09.2017 11:29:51, Creator/Last Upload: hong kong chess federation

Starting rank

1FMLam Daniel King-Wai6001238HKG2125
2Lo Billy6000312HKG1877
3Borigas Edgardo6000398HKG1850
4Wong Brian Bh6003036HKG1727U18
5Cheung Melvin6003052HKG1667U18
6Ho In Hei Henry6002552HKG1644
7Pu Henry66202434HKG1623
8Choy Hong Lui Ronald6002269HKG1521
9AFMMahadevan Aravind6001998HKG1432
10Cheng Andrew Kah Yin6004377HKG1304
11So Ka Wang6002650HKG1231U18
12Ho Wing Hin Anson6005454HKG0U18
13Lam Adrian6004814HKG0U18
14Yeung Wing Fung6005527HKG0