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Chester le Street 2017 Open

Last update 20.08.2017 20:16:07, Creator/Last Upload: briantowers

Starting rank

1FMWalker David J400882ENG2285
2FMStorey Charles H406686ENG2250
3Abrahams Daniel2606879CAN2162
4Tavoularis Nicholas4205596GRE2147
5Reynolds Mark A421227ENG1980
6Munshi Aditya436720ENG1901
7Izod Chris429716ENG1892
8Riding Mick D430102ENG1866
9Wilson Kevin J436194ENG1859
10Zhang Zheming430757ENG1844
11Han Yichen1054430NED1808
12Wiltshir Rich445835ENG1691
13Asaad Asaad460737ENG0
14Younger Mark454354ENG0