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20. Gablitzer Schnellschachturnier 2017

Last update 13.08.2017 15:08:06, Creator/Last Upload: nö.-schachverband

Starting rank list of players

1Weiss Matthäus1618032AUT2092Sg Gablitz-Purkersdorf
2Thoma Wilhelm Jun.1603116AUT2066Sv Klosterneuburg
3Felbermayer Michael Ing.AUT1848Sc Raika Sieghartskirchen
4Drabeck Sascha1636936AUT1706Sg Gablitz-Purkersdorf
5Herndl Peter1633120AUT1691Sg Gablitz-Purkersdorf
6Wurzer Erich Ing.AUT1690Sg Gablitz-Purkersdorf
7Hofmann Herbert1638823AUT1639Sg Gablitz-Purkersdorf
8Üblacker ChristopherAUT1509Sg Gablitz-Purkersdorf
9Herndl RobertAUT1351Gablitz