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Torneo Dia del Niño Sub 14

Last update 13.08.2017 04:47:09, Creator/Last Upload: paraguayan chess federation

Starting rank

1Andersson AlexanderPAR0Academia Bobby Fischer
2Aranda MatiasPAR0Centro Educativo Canindeyu
3Barrios ManuelPAR0Colegio Tecnico San Luis
4Cortina Juan VictorPAR0Centro Educativo Canindeyu
5Fadul LucasPAR0Club Centenario
6Lial AlvaroPAR0Academia Bobby Fischer
7Perassoli EduardoPAR0Centro Educativo Canindeyu
8Rojas TarikPAR0Soldevilla
9Schmitt JuniorPAR0Centro Educativo Canindeyu
10Valdez SofiaPAR0Secretaria Nacional de Deportes
11Ortiz MatiasPAR0Colegio Tecnico San Luis