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78th Armenian CH The 1st League

Last update 22.08.2017 14:06:37, Creator/Last Upload: chess house

Starting rank list of players

3IMPetrosyan Manuel13300857ARM25652563
4IMHarutyunian Tigran K.13303635ARM25132533
2GMHayrapetyan Hovik13302639ARM25022520
13GMHarutjunyan Gevorg13300873ARM24542498
1GMBaghdasaryan Vahe13303139ARM24692475
11IMHakobyan Aram13306677ARM24662459
14IMKalashian David13302418ARM23892448
7IMMikaelyan Arman13304852ARM24862446
5IMShahinyan David13304380ARM24282445
9Torosyan Norayr13300431ARM23502423
12IMSargsyan Shant13306766ARM24162414
10FMManukyan Sargis A.13303970ARM22332325
8FMDanielyan Vahe13304828ARM23442295
6Mkrtchyan Eduard13305131ARM22032273