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2017 Nationale Jeugdkampioenschappen U16

Last update 08.08.2017 03:35:30, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank

1Chang Pierre8201030SUR1930
2WFMTjong Tjin Joe Kaithlyn8201293SUR1623
3Kalka Shiva8201749SUR1597
4Liu Edmund8201170SUR1487
5Kaise Oneal8201633SUR1478
6Elliot Saday8202451SUR1323
7Ramsing Radjiv8202826SUR1250
8Nazir Justice8201773SUR1182
9Anandani YashSUR0
10Jubithana Anthony8203270SUR0
11Kemp José Ch. A.SUR0
12Kisoensingh Esha8202621SUR0
13Ristie Raphael8203369SUR0