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Poplar Rapid-Play Minor Tournament - Under 130

Last update 09.08.2017 16:40:57, Creator/Last Upload: docklands chess

Starting rank

1CROUCH Timothy J422282ENG125Kings Head
2MITCHELL Robert S4302095NZL116Sidcup
3UPTON We Bill433314ENG115South Norwood
4BYNNERSLEY Ag (tony)427020ENG109West London
5STEWART Hari448583ENG103Surrey Juniors
6HSU Avril Chloe444480ENG99Watford
7WIRATUNGA Jenith Ay452335ENG98Oxfordshire Juniors
8SIMMS Geoffrey R430951ENG97Surbiton
9EVERITT David427047ENG90Haywards Heath
10KESAVAN Rahul454028ENG88Maidenhead Junior
11SHALOM David456128ENG85Kingston
12BUCKLAND David As427217ENG83Cowley Workers
13MCGANN John M443077ENG80Kings Head
14BELOUSOV DmitryENG70Kent Juniors
15TODOROV AntoniyBUL0Bulgaria
16TODOROV EmoBUL0Bulgaria
17MERRIFIELD Peter1802410WLS54Hendon