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Last update 18.01.2010 20:29:11, Creator/Last Upload: muhammad arshad

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Nur Najiha Azman Hisham-G1612MAS 28b1 14w1 6b1 7w1 2b1 11w1 5b17,024,0209,033,00
2Muhd Sirajuddin Munawwir Ahmad1541MAS 21w1 25b1 17w1 13b1 1w0 6b1 4w16,022,0202,525,00
3Andre Cheong Kai Bin1266MAS 38w1 9b1 16w0 18w1 23b½ 17b1 8w15,520,5182,521,75
4Ooi Zhi Yang1525MAS 42b1 8w1 23b1 15w1 5b0 10w1 2b05,022,5178,520,50
5William Lee Kah Howe1658MAS 27w1 13b0 21w1 14b1 4w1 7b1 1w05,022,0201,521,00
6Ooi Yen Hoe1341MAS 31w1 29b1 1w0 19b1 15b1 2w0 18b15,021,0192,018,00
7Wong Yinn Long1373MAS 50b1 12w1 19b1 1b0 25w1 5w0 20b15,020,0188,016,50
8Ang Zhen Yuan1273MAS 40w1 4b0 38w1 16b1 9w1 23b1 3b05,019,5182,016,50
9Tang Wei Kit1415MAS 39b1 3w0 32b1 12w1 8b0 26w1 14b15,019,0185,016,00
10Ng Shi Xuan0MAS 12b0 48w1 24w1 17b1 21w1 4b0 23w15,019,0184,515,00
11Chuah Hao Feng1398MAS 45w1 24b1 15w0 26b1 13w1 1b0 12w15,018,5178,517,50
12Mohd Haris Abd Rahman1196MAS 10w1 7b0 33w1 9b0 30w1 16b1 11b04,022,0176,515,00
13Kelly Lim Pei Ying1314MAS 34b1 5w1 18b1 2w0 11b0 20w0 27b14,021,0186,515,00
14Chuah Hao Min1283MAS 30w1 1b0 22w1 5w0 33b1 15b1 9w04,021,0184,014,00
15Muhd Nurihsan Yahaya1272MAS 44b1 20w1 11b1 4b0 6w0 14w0 28b14,021,0178,015,00
16Teh De Juan1479MAS 19b0 34w1 3b1 8w0 27b1 12w0 24w14,019,5177,015,00
17Benjamin Lee Kah Teng1330MAS 48b1 32w1 2b0 10w0 28b1 3w0 29b14,019,5173,09,00
18Teh De Zen1418MAS 49w1 26b1 13w0 3b0 22w1 25b1 6w04,019,0178,511,50
19Ameerul Afeeq Roslee0MAS 16w1 27b1 7w0 6w0 26b0 30b1 25w14,018,0186,013,00
20Chuah Yi Ning1516MAS 22w1 15b0 31w1 25b0 29w1 13b1 7w04,018,0183,014,00
21Jamie Teh May Shuen1124MAS 2b0 41w1 5b0 35w1 10b0 37w1 36b14,017,5164,58,50
22Ang Zhen Wei1103MAS 20b0 35w1 14b0 37w1 18b0 36w1 26b14,016,5167,510,50
23Wong Yi Chee1317MAS 43w1 33b1 4w0 29b1 3w½ 8w0 10b03,521,0156,011,75
24Muhd Najwan Azman Hisham1185MAS 37b1 11w0 10b0 31w1 36b½ 32w1 16b03,517,5166,09,25
25Mohd Dinie Ajwad Mohd Sabri1274MAS 41b1 2w0 28b1 20w1 7b0 18w0 19b03,020,0183,58,00
26Teh Ming Min1222MAS 35b1 18w0 39b1 11w0 19w1 9b0 22w03,020,0167,09,00
27Mohd Syauqi Abd Rahman1129MAS 5b0 19w0 41b1 40w1 16w0 31b1 13w03,017,0177,06,00
28Ng Shi Yang1125MAS 1w0 30b1 25w0 38b1 17w0 34b1 15w03,017,0175,08,00
29Nur Islamurni Yahaya-G1150MAS 36b1 6w0 37b1 23w0 20b0 39w1 17w03,016,0174,06,50
30Mohd Helmi Zulhakim Nazlan0MAS 14b0 28w0 50b1 32w1 12b0 19w0 39b13,016,0169,56,50
31Heng Zhi Teng0MAS 6b0 36w1 20b0 24b0 35w1 27w0 38b13,016,0163,07,50
32Hisyamiza Ismail-G1145MAS 46w1 17b0 9w0 30b0 41w1 24b0 40w13,015,5139,06,00
33Nur Syahira Rashadan0MAS 47b1 23w0 12b0 39w1 14w0 40b0 41b13,014,5152,56,00
34Joceyln Teoh Xin Thung0MAS 13w0 16b0 36w0 49b1 40b1 28w0 37b13,013,5157,55,50
35Muhd Azfar Nor Ariff0MAS 26w0 22b0 49w1 21b0 31b0 41w1 48b13,012,5148,52,50
36S Ghautham Rao0MAS 29w0 31b0 34b1 50w1 24w½ 22b0 21w02,516,5150,56,25
37Nur Saleeza Roslee0MAS 24w0 49b1 29w0 22b0 48w1 21b0 34w02,015,0146,01,50
38Muhd Aniq Nuqman Mohd Azlanni0MAS 3b0 50w1 8b0 28w0 39b0 48b1 31w02,014,5157,51,50
39Chua Jia Tien0MAS 9w0 40b1 26w0 33b0 38w1 29b0 30w02,014,0156,54,00
40Mohd adli aiman0MAS 8b0 39w0 48b1 27b0 34w0 33w1 32b02,014,0150,03,00
41Mohd Syazwan Saifuddin Nazlee0MAS 25w0 21b0 27w0 48w1 32b0 35b0 33w01,015,0151,00,00
42Choo Huan Jie1119MAS 4w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,031,50,00
43Husnaa Fadhil0MAS 23b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,029,50,00
44Muhd Aliff Naif Mohd Fizam0MAS 15w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,029,00,00
45Dian Erliana Roslan0MAS 11b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,028,50,00
46yeoh zhong xien0MAS 32b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,021,50,00
47Ameerul Afeeq Rosli Wahidi N1178MAS 33w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,019,50,00
48Heng Zhi Xuan0MAS 17w0 10b0 40w0 41b0 37b0 38w0 35w00,013,0143,00,00
49Auni Nadhirah Zainal Azlan0MAS 18b0 37w0 35b0 34w0 50b- -0 -00,011,094,50,00
50Doddi Mohd Salim0MAS 7w0 38b0 30w0 36b0 49w- -0 -00,010,5105,50,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sum of Buchholz-Tie-Breaks (all Results)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger Tie-Break (with modified points, analogous to Buchholz Tie-Break)