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6th AMK CC All Women's & Family Chess Challenge 2017 - Women (Under 8)

Last update 31.07.2017 18:37:45, Creator/Last Upload: chess academy (singapore) pl

Starting rank

1Ang Pei YeeSGP0w
2Chia Choy AnnSGP0w
3Dasari AnjaliSGP0w
4Gupta SuhaniSGP0w
5Haralaka DevinaSGP0wD22
6Khor Wen XinSGP0w
7Lim Yu Xin AvrilSGP0wD24
8Loh Xuan Ting AmeliaSGP0wD19
9Mantha IshaniSGP0w
10Ng Jing Xuan AlyssaSGP0w
11Phua Hern Ai MagdaleneSGP0wD10
12Raghavendra VaishnaviSGP0wD16
13Teo Kai Ling EliseSGP0wD25
14Teo MeganSGP0w