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Grandmaster Tournament

Last update 02.08.2017 17:27:36, Creator/Last Upload: Internationales Schachfestival Biel

Starting rank list of players

9GMHarikrishna P.5007003IND2737
8GMNavara David309095CZE2737
1GMBacrot Etienne605506FRA2715
10GMPonomariov Ruslan14103320UKR2699
6GMLeko Peter703303HUN2678
4GMMorozevich Alexander4116992RUS2675
7GMHou Yifan8602980CHN2666
2GMVaganian Rafael A13300016ARM2562
3IMGeorgiadis Nico1300113SUI2496Winterthur Sg
5IMStuder Noël1319620SUI2493Winterthur Sg