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ukáž detaily turnaja

Sabinov - Torysa open 2017 21. ročník

Posledná aktualizácia 24.09.2017 16:10:38, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Konečná tabuľka po 9 kolách

Por.TMenoEloFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Juhar Roman2200SVK 46b1 21w1 44b1 7w½ 12b1 2w1 10b1 16w1 5b½8,050,541,5
2Goban Marek2088SVK 32w1 29b1 11w1 4b1 8w1 1b0 3w½ 9b1 10w17,556,039,5
3FMKrajnak Martin2138SVK 25b1 24w1 10b1 8w½ 7b½ 17w1 2b½ 5w½ 13b17,053,537,0
4GMManik Mikulas2438SVK 39b1 18w1 6b1 2w0 10b0 26w1 44b1 21w1 7b17,050,034,0
5Panko, ml. Eduard1699SVK 72w1 45b1 12b½ 44w1 16b½ 7w1 11w½ 3b½ 1w½6,548,536,0
6Belis Rudolf1945SVK 54w1 30b1 4w0 22b½ 35w1 8b1 16b0 38w1 17b16,546,532,0
7Kravec Patrik2000SVK 42w1 33b1 15w1 1b½ 3w½ 5b0 29w1 28b1 4w06,054,034,5
8FMZambor Norbert2300SVK 13w1 34b1 23w1 3b½ 2b0 6w0 19b1 17w½ 16b16,053,532,0
9Krajnak Jan2026SVK 27b1 19w1 14b1 16w0 13b1 10w0 15b1 2w0 21b16,052,533,0
10Koval Jakub1868SVK 66w1 43b1 3w0 49b1 4w1 9b1 1w0 22b1 2b06,052,034,0
11Varga Jozef1937SVK 51b1 26w1 2b0 41w1 25b1 16w½ 5b½ 13w0 28w16,049,032,5
12Panko Eduard1951SVK 55w1 31b1 5w½ 35b1 1w0 23b½ 22w0 37b1 29w16,047,031,5
13Verbovsky Michal1649SVK 8b0 64w1 38b1 24w1 9w0 18b1 45w1 11b1 3w06,047,030,0
14Jakubik Matej1727SVK 62w1 36b1 9w0 17b0 42w1 20b0 32w1 45b1 23w16,043,028,0
15Verba Vladimir1816SVK 57b1 61w1 7b0 25w0 60b1 39w1 9w0 36b1 22w16,040,529,0
16Kriz Mario2151SVK 17w1 35b½ 37w1 9b1 5w½ 11b½ 6w1 1b0 8w05,553,533,5
17Jencopala Alexander1628SVK 16b0 67w1 50b1 14w1 36w1 3b0 23w1 8b½ 6w05,547,530,0
18Chytra Miroslav1796SVK 47b1 4b0 32w1 27w1 26b0 13w0 60b1 20w½ 38b15,545,027,0
19Zigo Pavol1759SVK 52w1 9b0 55w½ 56b1 45w0 30b1 8w0 42b1 37w15,541,025,5
20WFMSedlakova Ivana1957SVK 40w0 37b0 70w1 54w1 27b1 14w1 28b0 18b½ 35w15,540,524,0
21Sosa Pavol1789SVK 59w1 1b0 42w1 30b½ 22w½ 25b1 36w1 4b0 9w05,048,528,5
22Bednar Jozef1680SVK 48b1 23b0 43w1 6w½ 21b½ 24w1 12b1 10w0 15b05,048,028,5
23Fenik Jozef1950SVK 69b1 22w1 8b0 26w½ 31b1 12w½ 17b0 46w1 14b05,045,029,0
24WCMNadzamova Viktoria1772SVK 70w1 3b0 40w1 13b0 30w1 22b0 25w½ 27w1 26b½5,044,525,0
25Nadzamova Rebeka1625SVK 3w0 70b1 34w1 15b1 11w0 21w0 24b½ 49b½ 45w15,044,024,5
26Kankula Robert1677SVK 73w1 11b0 47w1 23b½ 18w1 4b0 37w0 40b1 24w½5,043,526,5
27Novotny Milos1576SVK 9w0 52b1 29w1 18b0 20w0 62b1 33w1 24b0 49w15,043,023,0
28Lukac Vladimir1697SVK 58w½ 38b1 35w0 55b1 37w1 45b½ 20w1 7w0 11b05,042,028,5
29Repasky Karol1752SVK 71b1 2w0 27b0 47w1 57b1 48w1 7b0 44w1 12b05,042,026,0
30Krajcovic Peter1659SVK 53b1 6w0 61b1 21w½ 24b0 19w0 56b1 50w½ 44b15,040,524,0
31Kacir Tomas1698SVK 63b1 12w0 54b1 45b½ 23w0 38w0 48b1 39w1 36b½5,039,024,5
32Dujava Jozef1616SVK 2b0 71w1 18b0 64w1 44b0 51w1 14b0 61w1 50b15,039,021,0
33Pollak Rudolf1723SVK 74b1 7w0 65b1 36b0 40w1 44w0 27b0 48w1 47b15,035,024,0
34Krajnik Richard1787SVK 64b1 8w0 25b0 57w0 58b0 70w1 52b1 54w1 46b15,034,519,0
35Pacholsky Radovan1768SVK 67b1 16w½ 28b1 12w0 6b0 56w1 38b0 41w1 20b04,544,026,0
36Skovran Jaroslav1984SVK 60b1 14w0 56b1 33w1 17b0 41w1 21b0 15w0 31w½4,543,526,5
37Fecilak Michal1873SVK 56b½ 20w1 16b0 48w1 28b0 58w1 26b1 12w0 19b04,543,525,5
38Marcinko, st. Karol1000SVK 41b1 28w0 13w0 69b1 55w½ 31b1 35w1 6b0 18w04,543,024,5
39Vesely Jozef1651SVK 4w0 47b0 67w1 68b1 62w1 15b0 40w½ 31b0 55w14,539,020,5
40Bekiaris Kosmas1472SVK 20b1 44w0 24b0 61w1 33b0 63w1 39b½ 26w0 57b14,538,521,5
41Slivka Vasil1661SVK 38w0 66b1 62w1 11b0 51w1 36b0 42w½ 35b0 53w14,538,022,5
42Chovanec Jan1558SVK 7b0 74w1 21b0 63w1 14b0 57w1 41b½ 19w0 54b14,537,020,5
43Volansky Ernest1284SVK 50b½ 10w0 22b0 46w1 47b0 69w1 54b0 56w1 60b14,535,517,5
44Vojtko Marek1935SVK 68w1 40b1 1w0 5b0 32w1 33b1 4w0 29b0 30w04,049,026,0
45Tatarko Tomas1955SVK 65b1 5w0 46b1 31w½ 19b1 28w½ 13b0 14w0 25b04,046,026,0
46Dzuris Ivan1631SVK 1w0 59b1 45w0 43b0 70w1 55b1 53w1 23b0 34w04,039,520,0
47Polomsky Tomas1235SVK 18w0 39w1 26b0 29b0 43w1 60w0 51b1 62b1 33w04,039,518,0
48Khizhanok Pavel1000SVK 22w0 69w1 58b1 37b0 49w1 29b0 31w0 33b0 68w14,037,521,0
49Spinler Dalibor1672SVK 61b0 57w1 51b1 10w0 48b0 54w½ 65b1 25w½ 27b04,037,021,0
50Slacky Stefan1802SVK 43w½ 68b1 17w0 51b0 56w0 61w1 58b1 30b½ 32w04,037,020,5
51Elias David1332SVK 11w0 73b1 49w0 50w1 41b0 32b0 47w0 67b1 62w14,035,517,0
52Cabak Martin1000SVK 19b0 27w0 60b0 73w1 54b0 59b1 34w0 66b1 65w14,033,513,0
53Mincak Vaclav1000SVK 30w0 54b0 59w0 71b1 74w1 65w1 46b0 60w1 41b04,028,517,0
54Cuker Oliver1349SVK 6b0 53w1 31w0 20b0 52w1 49b½ 43w1 34b0 42w03,543,018,0
55Straka Jozef1394SVK 12b0 63w1 19b½ 28w0 38b½ 46w0 57b½ 58w1 39b03,539,517,5
56Gulas Gabriel1304SVK 37w½ 58b1 36w0 19w0 50b1 35b0 30w0 43b0 61w13,539,018,5
57Pavlik Juraj1301SVK 15w0 49b0 72w1 34b1 29w0 42b0 55w½ 69b1 40w03,537,016,5
58Kapec Kristian1000SVK 28b½ 56w0 48w0 66b1 34w1 37b0 50w0 55b0 70w13,534,516,5
59Dujava Adam1175SVK 21b0 46w0 53b1 60w0 61b0 52w0 64b1 63b½ 69w13,531,512,0
60Marcinko Karol1480SVK 36w0 62b0 52w1 59b1 15w0 47b1 18w0 53b0 43w03,039,017,0
61Machala Anton1000SVK 49w1 15b0 30w0 40b0 59w1 50b0 68w1 32b0 56b03,038,517,0
62Chovanec Adrian1000SVK 14b0 60w1 41b0 65w1 39b0 27w0 66b1 47w0 51b03,037,017,0
63Horbal Michal1000SVK 31w0 55b0 66w1 42b0 68w1 40b0 69b0 59w½ 64b½3,032,513,5
64Vargosko Jan1160SVK 34w0 13b0 73w1 32b0 69w½ 68b0 59w0 71b1 63w½3,032,012,0
65Vargosko Juraj1435SVK 45w0 72b1 33w0 62b0 67w1 53b0 49w0 70b1 52b03,031,015,0
66Polomsky Robert1304SVK 10b0 41w0 63b0 58w0 72b1 67b1 62w0 52w0 73b13,031,010,0
67Bodnar Frantisek1000SVK 35w0 17b0 39b0 72w1 65b0 66w0 71b1 51w0 74b13,028,510,0
68Magda Juraj1316SVK 44b0 50w0 74b1 39w0 63b0 64w1 61b0 72w1 48b03,027,513,0
69Horbalova Ivana1377SVK 23w0 48b0 71w1 38w0 64b½ 43b0 63w1 57w0 59b02,533,012,5
70Magda Filip1036SVK 24b0 25w0 20b0 74w1 46b0 34b0 73w1 65w0 58b02,033,09,0
71Cehelsky Ladislav1000SVK 29w0 32b0 69b0 53w0 73b0 74b1 67w0 64w0 72b12,026,55,0
72Cukerova Livia1000SVK 5b0 65w0 57b0 67b0 66w0 73b1 74w1 68b0 71w02,026,07,0
73Koval Matej1000SVK 26b0 51w0 64b0 52b0 71w1 72w0 70b0 74b1 66w02,025,07,0
74Chytra Ales1000SVK 33w0 42b0 68w0 70b0 53b0 71w0 72b0 73w0 67w00,027,50,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break