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ACC Summer in the City U1800

Last update 29.08.2017 05:07:28, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Schwartz LorneCAN1633ON
2Diemer UlliCAN1631ON
3Belcadi Salim2626675CAN1574ON
4Armstrong Robert J.2605791CAN1553ON
5Chen Harry (siqi)CAN1501ON
6Abbarin Shabnam2617854CAN1476ON
7Jevtic DraganCAN1421ON
8Pell RichardCAN1395ON
9Supol GeorgeCAN1383ON
10Dixon JavierCAN1374ON
11Seshadri AkshayCAN1371AB
12Kalmanson EvgenyCAN1322ON
13Patton Mark A.CAN1303ON
14Chertkow Matthew2619687CAN1416ON
15Shogilev SantonCAN0
16Nazareno MerlinCAN0