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Expo Cunene2017

Last update 22.07.2017 12:37:19, Creator/Last Upload: angola chess federation (license 1)

Starting rank

1Antonio Maximino10105425ANG0MACOV Cunene
2Antonio Renelsa10107860ANG0Rene Castilhos
3Antonio Jovita10105514ANG0Rene Castilhos
4Antonio Resiane10107878ANG0Rene Castilhos
5Daniel Franklin10105441ANG1566Rene Castilhos
6Fernando Angelina10105565ANG0Rene Castilhos
7Kapenda Hafeni10107789ANG0Rene Castilhos
8Mutumbulua Rosalina10107916ANG0Rene Castilhos
9Mwadikange Mohamed10107819ANG0Rene Castilhos
10Mwadikange Rosalina10107924ANG0Rene Castilhos
11Sincopela Baldoino10107827ANG0Rene Castilhos
12Sincopela CaroANG0Rene Castilhos