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Waldviertler Jugendmeisterschaft Litschau, 3.12.2005

Last update 03.12.2005 22:06:12, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1Wagner StefanAUT1915Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
2Lehner KonradAUT1654Sk Zwettl, Noe
3Schuh DanielAUT1617Sk Zwettl, Noe
4Petermichl PascalAUT1542Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
5Kainz AndreaAUT1475Sk Zwettl, Noe
6Schuh ManuelAUT1450Sk Zwettl, Noe
7Stoeckel FlorianAUT1447Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
8Allram SebastianAUT1440Sk Gross Siegharts
9Lehner LukasAUT1424Sk Zwettl, Noe
10Kainz AstridAUT1376Sk Zwettl, Noe
11Trisko CarolaAUT1342Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
12Gruener MarkusAUT1334Sk Gross Siegharts
13Kainz JakobAUT1293Sk Zwettl, Noe
14Lehner ValentinAUT1285Sk Zwettl, Noe
15Oesterreicher MoritzAUT1266Voest Krems
16Bruckner RaphaelAUT1253Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
17Neuditschko BenjaminAUT1238Sk Gross Siegharts
18Oesterreicher Zoe AnneAUT1238Voest Krems
19Achleitner MichaelAUT1211Sk Gross Siegharts
20Appel MartinAUT1200Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
21Hummel AndreasAUT1200Sk Gross Siegharts
22Lang LukasAUT1200Sk Gross Siegharts
23Weber MartinAUT1200Dobersberg