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The Irish Championships 2017

Last update 05.08.2017 16:03:40, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1GMBaburin Alex2500914IRL2473
2IMLopez Alex2501430IRL2431
3FMO'Donnell Conor2504243IRL2389
4IMWall Gavin2501244IRL2329
5FMDaly Colm2500434IRL2301
6FMShort Philip2500086IRL2283
7Delaney Killian2501570IRL2247
8Li Henri2508524IRL2247
9Quinn Rory2501643IRL2140
10Fox Anthony2500736IRL2016
11CMMacElligott Gerry2500647IRL2015
12Tirziman Rudolf2508664IRL1955
13Melaugh Shane2509580IRL1928
14WFMMirza Diana2503999IRL1919
15Melaugh Gavin2509571IRL1907
16Scott Luke2507986IRL1748