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Mater Spei Chess Festival Junior teams Open section 2017

Last update 20.07.2017 07:43:08, Creator/Last Upload: botswana chess-federation

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
156Setlalekgosi Team A98011628,50
241Ntebogang Team B97021428,00
328Matsheng Team A97021425,50
471Tsodilo Team A97021423,50
532Moeti Team A95311325,00
69Donga Team B96121324,00
60Tadabigwa Team A95311324,00
812Goldmine Team B95311323,00
926Mantsamaisa Team A95221223,50
1047Ramsec Team A95221223,02
111Artesia Team A95221223,00
1244Oodima Team A94411222,50
137Diratsame Team A94411221,50
1442Nthwalang Team A95221220,50
1539Nkange Team B95221219,50
1640Ntebogang Team A94321122,50
1745Radikolo Team A95131122,00
184Chamabona Team A94321121,01
57Setlalekgosi Team B95131121,01
2014Goshwe Team A94321120,50
20Kwenasereto Team A94321120,50
23Madikwe Team A95131120,50
35Moses Mengwe Team A95131120,50
2429Matsiloje CJSS94321120,01
74Mookani Team A94321120,01
265Denjebuaya Team A94321119,50
2782Mmei Team A95131119,00
2876Mmanaana Team A94231022,00
2931Meepong Team A94231021,00
46Radikolo Team B94231021,00
3162Tashata Team A93421020,00
3224Makhubu Team A95041019,50
3325Makhubu Team B94231019,00
84Pandakala Team A95041019,00
3511Goldmine Team A94231018,00
34Montsamaisa Team B95041018,00
3733Moeti Team B9414921,00
3863Tashata Team B9414919,50
3953Selepa Team A9252919,00
54Selepa Team B9414919,00
83Tlhalogang Team A9333919,00
428Donga Team A9333917,00
49Ranokanyane A9414917,00
4416Itireleng Team A9333916,50
21Letlhabile Team A9414916,50
48Ramsec Team B9414916,50
4772Chichi Team A9333916,00
4818Kopong Team A9333915,00
4970Tshwaragano Team B9324819,00
5059Sua Team A9243818,50
5113Goldmine Team C9324817,50
73Chichi Team B9324817,50
77Mnanaana Team B9243817,50
542Borwa Team B9162817,00
50Ranokanyane B9324817,00
51Sedumedi Team A9243817,00
80Mookami Team B9324817,00
583Borwa Team A9324816,50
5952Sedumedi Team B9324815,01
81Lehutshelo Team A9324815,01
6115Goshwe Team B9234716,50
27Maoka Team A9315716,50
6338Nkange Team A9234716,00
6467Tshegetsang Team A9234715,00
6555Selepa Team C9315714,50
65Tonota Team A9234714,50
6730Maunatlala Team A9234714,00
37Motswasele Team B9234714,00
6943Nthwalang Team B9315712,50
7085Maoka Team B931579,50
716Denjebuya Team B9225615,00
7236Motswasele Team A9225614,50
7317Itireleng Team B9225613,50
7419Kopong Team B9306613,00
7586Ramokgonami CJSS6303611,00
7622Letlhabile Team B9216514,50
79Iphutheng Team A9216514,50
7810Donga Team C9216511,00
7964Tashata Team C9216510,50
8061Tadabigwa Team B9126410,50
8158St Kizito Team A9045410,01
69Tshwaragano Team A9126410,01
8368Tshegetsang Team B9036310,50
8466Tonota Team B911736,50
8575Mookani Team B100100,00
78xxxxxxxxTeam A100100,00

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints