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Heart of Finland 2017

Last update 23.07.2017 14:40:16, Creator/Last Upload: jyvas-shakki

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKulaots Kaido2573EST 13b½ 26w1 6w1 32b½ 14b1 11w1 3b1 7w1 4b½7,550,544,006
2IMMoiseenko Vadim2548RUS 23b1 5w1 29b1 7w1 3b½ 4w½ 22b½ 11w1 12b17,550,542,756
3IMVlasenko Miroslav2415RUS 55w1 14b1 38w1 31b1 2w½ 20b1 1w0 21b1 5w17,548,041,257
4GMLoginov Valery A2486RUS 30w1 20b½ 44w1 25b1 21w½ 2b½ 26w1 22b1 1w½7,047,536,755
5FMLuukkonen Tommi2336FIN 39w1 2b0 59w1 28b1 15w½ 9b1 34w1 20b1 3b06,547,534,006
6IMFranco Alonso Alejandro2436ESP 15b1 11w1 1b0 67w1 13b½ 53w0 27b1 33b1 20w16,547,035,006
7IMSeeman Tarvo2395EST 33w1 34b1 50w1 2b0 30w1 12b1 21w½ 1b0 22w16,547,033,756
8GMKunin Vitaly2571GER 17w1 24b½ 35w1 16b1 20w0 22w0 40b1 36b1 23w16,544,535,506
9Johansson Jukka2113FIN 11b0 18w1 96b1 29w½ 67b1 5w0 83b1 53w+ 21w16,541,527,006
10IMMonin Nikolay2200RUS 21w0 35b½ 79w1 73b1 36w½ 57b1 25w½ 38b1 24w+6,540,028,005
11GMRantanen Yrjö2292FIN 9w1 6b0 48w1 46b1 32w1 1b0 41w1 2b0 37w16,047,531,006
12Virtanen Teemu2272FIN 53b½ 13w½ 75b1 84w1 41b1 7w0 31b1 15w1 2w06,045,529,755
13Hallman Valo2260FIN 1w½ 12b½ 95w1 64b1 6w½ 25b½ 36w½ 16b½ 42w16,045,527,753
14FMNevanlinna Risto2266FIN115w+ 3w0 49b1 57b1 1w0 35b½ 32w½ 62b1 41w16,044,026,005
15FMEbeling Mika2216FIN 6w0 36b1 91w1 38b1 5b½ 83w1 24w½ 12b0 35w16,043,528,255
16Wilen Eero2024FIN 83b½ 52w1 43b1 8w0 53b0 68w1 45b1 13w½ 30b16,042,028,755
17Ristoja Samu2259FIN 8b0 53w1 76b1 85w½ 18b0 29w½ 57b1 31w1 34b16,041,028,005
18Malinovsky Ilya1995RUS 49w1 9b0 99w1 66b1 17w1 21b0 33w0 39b1 54w16,041,027,506
19Sassi Pekka1996FIN 84w0 87b½ 61w1 71b1 32b½ 55w1 37b½ 33w16,036,527,004
20FMKeinänen Toivo2291FIN 47b1 4w½ 68b1 40w1 8b1 3w0 53b1 5w0 6b05,549,529,505
21IMKiik Kalle2409EST 10b1 22w½ 56b1 54w1 4b½ 18w1 7b½ 3w0 9b05,549,030,504
22FMSysolyatin Evgeny2289RUS 37w1 21b½ 73w1 24b½ 31w1 8b1 2w½ 4w0 7b05,549,030,004
23FMJärvenpää Jari2251FIN 2w0 32b½ 70w1 56w1 27b½ 28b1 62w1 24b½ 8b05,545,026,754
24IMMishuchkov Nikolai M.2316RUS 45b1 8w½ 93b1 22w½ 34b½ 85w1 15b½ 23w½ 10b-5,543,527,003
25Vilppolainen Markku1990FIN 82b1 47w1 67b½ 4w0 54b1 13w½ 10b½ 34w½ 26b½5,542,526,503
26Franssila Tommi2235FIN 1b0106w1 93w1 29b1 40w1 4b0 35b½ 25w½5,542,523,004
27Hartio Ilkka2018FIN 83w½ 51b1 39b½ 23w½ 37b½ 6w0 63w1 60b15,540,025,253
28Salminen Jussi1967FIN 85b1 66b0 86w1 5w0 50b1 23w0 43b1 47w½ 61w15,539,524,505
29Penttilä Tero1969FIN 42w1 37b1 2w0 9b½ 26w0 17b½ 61w½ 45w½ 71b15,044,524,753
30Nivala Tuomas2247FIN 4b0 41w1 60b1 58w1 7b0 31w0 46w1 32b1 16w05,044,024,005
31Meskanen Vesa2038FIN 46w1 33b1 88w1 3w0 22b0 30b1 12w0 17b0 79w15,044,022,505
32Iivonen Markku2054FIN 77b1 23w½ 74b1 1w½ 11b0 19w½ 14b½ 30w0 67b15,043,524,253
33Tiitta Sauli2194FIN 7b0 31w0107b1 80w1 49b1 58w1 18b1 6w0 19b05,043,522,005
34Paronen Petteri2190FIN114w+ 7w0 90b1 50b1 24w½ 72w1 5b0 25b½ 17w05,043,520,254
35Seppälä Aki2015FIN 75b1 10w½ 8b0 43w½ 90b1 14w½ 84b1 26w½ 15b05,042,522,503
36Sorvari Jarmo2040FIN 69b1 15w0 72b½ 74w1 10b½ 77w1 13b½ 8w0 49b½5,041,522,503
37Pönniö Toni2109FIN 22b0 29w0109b1 63w1 76b1 27w½ 72b1 19w½ 11b05,040,520,754
38Wartiovaara Oliver1705FIN107b1 77w1 3b0 15w0 84b½ 75w1 85b1 10w0 52b½5,040,519,004
39WIMBystryakova Elena V.2122RUS 5b0 58w1 80b1 27w½ 83b0 69w½ 48b1 18w0 75b15,039,522,254
40Linqvist Grels2043FIN 70w1 55b½ 71w1 20b0 59w1 26b0 8w0 56w½ 76b15,039,021,004
41Kugappi Tomi2067FIN 66w1 30b0 94w1 88b1 12w0 48b1 11b0 69w1 14b05,039,019,505
42Shin Robert0RUS 29b0 60w1 61b1 83w½ 72b0 43w½ 50b1 51w1 13b05,038,522,754
43Pitkänen Juhani1606FIN106w1 56b½ 16w0 35b½ 46w½ 42b½ 28w0 91b1 70w15,038,519,753
44Hytönen Timo1999FIN 65b1 45w½ 4b0 72w0100b1 47w½ 60b0 68w1 80b15,038,020,504
45Marjusaari Eero2122FIN 24w0 44b½ 78w1 68b0 73w1 86b1 16w0 29b½ 69w15,038,020,504
46Koskinen Hannu E.1908FIN 31b0 90w1104b1 11w0 43b½ 54w1 30b0 85w1 47b½5,038,019,504
47Alho Sauli2109FIN 20w0 25b0101w1 96b½ 74w1 44b½ 64w1 28b½ 46w½5,037,520,253
48Luodonpää Martti1883FIN 62b1 54w0 11b0 51w1104b1 41w0 39w0 90b1 66w15,037,019,005
49Kundianok Vladislav1866RUS 18b0 63w1 14w0 99b1 33w0 94b1 66w½ 84b1 36w½5,037,019,004
50Ebeling Mikaela1624FIN111b1 65w1 7b0 34w0 28w0 95b1 42w0 93b1 77b15,036,015,505
51Lavonen Niklas1541FIN 73w½ 91b½ 27w0 48b0 79w1 81b1 70w1 42b0 84w+5,035,517,754
52Raivio Yrjö1984FIN 79w½ 16b0110w½ 94b0 97w½ 89b1 74w1 86b1 38w½5,032,018,003
53Ivanov Sergei V.2107RUS 12w½ 17b0 89w1 81b1 16w1 6b1 20w0 9b- -04,545,528,754
54Hintikka Eero2061FIN 48b1 81w1 21b0 25w0 46b0 91w1 83w1 18b04,539,018,254
55Viljava Tapani2207FIN 3b0 40w½ 69b0 92b1 93w1 67w1 19b0 60w½ 57b½4,539,017,503
56Nebrin Johan1834SWE 92b1 43w½ 21w0 23b0 87w½ 78b½ 59w1 40b½ 62w½4,537,519,002
57Karppinen Martti1898FIN 58b0 96w1100b1 14w0103b1 10w0 17w0 73b1 55w½4,536,514,754
58Lönnqvist Henrik2019FIN 57w1 39b0 97w1 30b0 64w1 33b0 63w½ 61b0 92w14,536,017,254
59Keso Elias1529FIN 74b½ 78w1 5b0 69w1 40b0 84w0 56b0 94w1 83b14,535,516,504
60Aalto Patrik1823FIN 97w1 42b0 30w0110b1 66w0 88b1 44w1 55b½ 27w04,535,515,754
61Tuominen Lauri1610FIN113w1 95b0 42w0 19b0108w1 76w1 29b½ 58w1 28b04,535,513,504
62Eloranta Kari1999FIN 48w0 93b½105w1 71b½ 94w1 66b1 23b0 14w0 56b½4,534,515,253
63Ojala Matias1642FIN102w1 49b0 66w0 37b0110w1 82w1 58b½ 27b0 95w14,534,014,254
64Heino Aimo1734FIN103b½ 87w1 84b½ 13w0 58b0104w1 47b0 65w½ 85b+4,533,513,253
65Hall Raimo1875FIN 44w0 50b0113w1 87b½ 78w½ 71w½ 68b½ 64b½ 86w14,533,013,252
66Olander Aleksi2078FIN 41b0 28w1 63b1 18w0 60b1 62w0 49b½ 77w½ 48b04,040,019,003
67Taipale Reijo1839FIN 95w1 86b1 25w½ 6b0 9w0 55b0 78w½ 98b1 32w04,038,014,253
68Kekäläinen Timo1804FIN101w1 70b½ 20w0 45w1 85b0 16b0 65w½ 44b0 98w14,037,015,253
69Valasmo Juhana1913FIN 36w0 71b½ 55w1 59b0 96w1 39b½ 98w1 41b0 45b04,036,015,003
70Vehkalahti Veli1920FIN 40b0 68w½ 23b0105b1 81w½ 80w1 51b0 72w1 43b04,036,014,503
71Norlamo Sarabella1649FIN109b1 69w½ 40b0 62w½ 19w0 65b½ 73w½ 95b1 29w04,036,014,002
72Ruokokoski Hannes1566FIN 93w0113b1 36w½ 44b1 42w1 34b0 37w0 70b0 74w½4,035,514,503
73Vättö Jouko1821FIN 51b½105w1 22b0 10w0 45b0 97w1 71b½ 57w0101w14,035,512,753
74Kivimäki Kasper1764FIN 59w½ 89b1 32w0 36b0 47b0100w1 52b0 97w1 72b½4,035,013,753
75Pursiainen Erkki1884FIN 35w0 94b1 12w0 97b1 86w0 38b0 88w1 81b1 39w04,035,013,504
76Montolio Benedicto Cesar1830ESP 89w½ 98b½ 17w0102b1 37w0 61b0 94w1 78b1 40w04,034,013,253
77Pesola Jyrki1954FIN 32w0 38b0111w1 98b1 88w1 36b0 86w½ 66b½ 50w04,034,011,253
78Kaunonen Jouni1632FIN110w½ 59b0 45b0 89w1 65b½ 56w½ 67b½ 76w0 93b14,033,014,002
79Tocklin Tomi1846FIN 52b½ 85w0 10b0100w½ 51b0111w1103b1 96w1 31b04,033,010,503
80Benninga Mark1726NED 86w0110b1 39w0 33b0102w1 70b0 99w1 82b1 44w04,032,512,004
81Hänninen Heikki1747FIN 87b½103w1 54b0 53w0 70b½ 51w0101b1 75w0 99b14,032,012,253
82Kangas Mauno1853FIN 25w0 88b0108w1 86b0 99w1 63b0 87b1 80w0 96b14,030,512,004
83Ruosteenoja Eero1906FIN 16w½ 27b½102w1 42b½ 39w1 15b0 9w0 54b0 59w03,542,516,252
84Sorokopudov Vladimir M.2057RUS 19b1 64w½ 12b0 38w½ 59b1 35w0 49w0 51b-3,540,519,502
85Lahdelma Henri2055FIN 28w0 79b1 98w1 17b½ 68w1 24b0 38w0 46b0 64w-3,540,016,253
86Jääskeläinen Aleksandr1443FIN 80b1 67w0 28b0 82w1 75b1 45w0 77b½ 52w0 65b03,536,014,003
87Ahonen Markku O.1518FIN 81w½ 64b0 19w½ 65w½ 56b½ 91b½ 82w0 92b0105w13,534,013,751
88Louhi Tapio1608FIN108b1 82w1 31b0 41w0 77b0 60w0 75b0104w1 90w½3,532,510,753
89Jaakkola Konsta1601FIN 76b½ 74w0 53b0 78b0 92w1 52w0 97b0110b1107w13,531,510,003
90WFMWalta Päivi1734FIN 99w1 46b0 34w0106b1 35w0 98b0110w1 48w0 88b½3,531,59,253
91Tuomisto Kalevi1797FIN105b½ 51w½ 15b0104w0107b1 87w½ 54b0 43w0103b13,531,010,252
92Telenius Kimmo1603FIN 56w0102b0103b½ 55w0 89b0108b1105w1 87w1 58b03,528,59,753
93Mattila Olavi1829FIN 72b1 62w½ 24w0 26b0 55b0103w1 96b½ 50w0 78w03,036,510,252
94Lindholm Pertti1633FIN100b1 75w0 41b0 52w1 62b0 49w0 76b0 59b0110w13,035,010,003
95Heikkilä Antti1842FIN 67b0 61w1 13b0103w0101b1 50w0104b1 71w0 63b03,033,510,003
96Davidsainen Kari1692FIN104w1 57b0 9w0 47w½ 69b0105b1 93w½ 79b0 82w03,033,09,002
97Shevnin Oleg1566FIN 60b0109w1 58b0 75w0 52b½ 73b0 89w1 74b0102w½3,032,510,002
98Sjöskog Tommy1608FIN 76w½ 85b0 77w0106b1 90w1 69b0 67w0 68b03,032,010,252
99Ebeling Mariela1499FIN 90b0111w1 18b0 49w0 82b0106w1 80b0100w1 81w03,032,06,503
100Tuominen Matias1340FIN 94w0101b1 57w0 79b½ 44w0 74b0107w½ 99b0108w13,029,08,752
101Koota Ilkka1537FIN 68b0100w0 47b0111b1 95w0102b1 81w0106w1 73b03,028,56,503
102Häkkinen Aleksandr1345FIN 63b0 92w1 83b0 76w0 80b0101w0109b½113w1 97b½3,028,06,252
103Linnossuo Lauri1444FIN 64w½ 81b0 92w½ 95b1 57w0 93b0 79w0108b½ 91w02,529,58,001
104Shevnin Dmitri1426FIN 96b0108w1 46w0 91b1 48w0 64b0 95w0 88b0106w½2,529,57,252
105Haurunen Tuomo1534FIN 91w½ 73b0 62b0 70w0109b1 96w0 92b0111w1 87b02,528,55,252
106Lappi Aurora1129FIN 43b0107w1 26b0 90w0 98w0 99b0113w1101b0104b½2,528,03,752
107Hietakari Anttu1442FIN 38w0106b0 33w0113b1 91w0110b0100b½109w1 89b02,527,04,002
108Sklyarova Sofia1242RUS 88w0104b0 82b0109w1 61b0 92w0111b1103w½100b02,526,04,752
109Kirov Vanessa1356FIN 71w0 97b0 37w0108b0105w0113b1102w½107b0111w12,523,52,502
110Jaakkola Vesa1332FIN 78b½ 80w0 52b½ 60w0 63b0107w1 90b0 89w0 94b02,032,07,001
111Poltavskaya Ilona1283FIN 50w0 99b0 77b0101w0113w1 79b0108w0105b0109b01,026,50,001
112Koski Kimmo1739FIN -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0113b11,026,013,001
113Sofieva Alexandra1261FIN 61b0 72w0 65b0107w0111b0109w0106b0102b0112w00,028,50,000
114GMErnst Thomas2381SWE 34b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,026,013,000
115FMVager Boris2087RUS 14b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,026,013,000

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories