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TML Training Camp 2017

Last update 16.07.2017 01:43:02, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad and tobago ca (licence 4)

Starting rank

1Baldeosingh AlessandroTTO1127
2Balliram LukeTTO1121
3Williams DavidTTO1039
4Ramnarine-Singh AradhanaTTO1032
5Rampersad AnishTTO1029
6Balliram TaydanTTO1023
7Dabideen ShreyaaTTO992
8Balliram TristanTTO972
9Birju VishaunTTO0
10Mohammed AadamTTO0
11Ramnanan KabirTTO0
12Ramnanan VivekTTO0
13Thackorie ChristopherTTO0