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Raca 2017

Last update 13.08.2017 18:13:06, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Starting rank

1Avramovic Zoran904775SRB2288
2Milosevic Boban931756SRB2248
3Rancic Zoran920622SRB2185
4Nikolic Vladimir933716SRB2083
5Neskovic Aleksandar970263SRB1918
6Marcetic Slobodan949213SRB1905
7Trpkovic Miroljub917478SRB1863
8Simovic Zoran953750SRB1834
9Zivkovic Vladisa942642SRB1769
10Djordjevic Milorad974587SRB1758
11Milanovic Marko980129SRB1688
12Spasic Aca976776SRB1666
13Markovic Aleksandar D983071SRB1623
14Micic Aleksa989940SRB1583
15Petres Aleksandar979180SRB1529
16Caricic Bozidar977349SRB1438
17Jovanovic Nikola B985716SRB0
18Micic LukaSRB0
19Nikolic VeljkoSRB0
20Radosavljevic DejanSRB0