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2017 UK Chess Challenge: Northern Gigafinal Under 17-18

Last update 16.07.2017 20:08:44, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

11Ashworth Michael JU18179Gloucestershire6,0
25Bott SimeonU17129West Anglia5,0
33Willow Hambel MU18w135Nottinghamshire4,0
17Westwood CameronU170Worcestershire4,0
18Jaddu KotiU170Surrey4,0
62Hapeshi EleanorU17w136Gloucestershire3,0
74Zaman HanifU18133Northumberland3,0
8Windsor AmyU17w65West Anglia3,0
9Gill HollyU17w61Cumberland3,0
13Mcintosh GregorU180Scotland West3,0
14Skillen FergusU180Scotland East3,0
1210Hernaman AidanU170Gloucestershire2,0
12Johnson ThomasU170Northamptonshire2,0
15Stewart EthanU170Scotland East2,0
16Taurins KristenU170Warwickshire2,0
166Reid CaitlinU18w122Scotland West0,0
7Tomkins BrionyU18w69Northamptonshire0,0
11Irwin CameronU180Warwickshire0,0
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