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ChessMine Open Blitz Chess Tournament 2017 [Strongest Open Tournament in Indian History] 7 Aug 2017 Contact:,

Last update 07.08.2017 12:05:18, Creator/Last Upload: vasanth bh

Player info

NameRajeev S
Starting rank145
Rating national0
Rating international1479
Performance rating1432
FIDE rtg +/--56,8
Year of birth 1986


12222IMShyaamnikhil P2397IND5,5s 0
287208Aryan Adithya0IND0,0- 1K
34978Mota Pankit1946IND5,5w 0
483195Sattiveti Venkatesh1071IND4,0s 1
55588Arun R U1888IND5,0w 1
65697Sooraj M R1838IND6,0s 0
76084Akshay V Halagannavar1904IND6,0w 0
879196Apoorv Indrajit Belgundi1069IND5,5s 0
980188Nigamaa Sree D1106IND4,0w 1
1080178AIMArunkumar B Budihal1195IND5,5s 0
1177203Mihir Uday Yedur1005IND5,0w ½
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