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Bahamas National Chess Open 2017

Last update 30.07.2017 23:59:12, Creator/Last Upload: andrewhite

Starting rank

1Gibson Franklyn10400028BAH1923
2FMMoncur Cecil10400583BAH1876
3Cox Valentine10400095BAH1873
4CMKnowles Kendrick10400451BAH1854
5WCMKarelina Polina10400222BAH1703
6Whyms Chappell10400125BAH1642
7Small Byron10400044BAH1637
8WCMJohnson Daijah10400591BAH1494
9Stuart Clive10400761BAH1384
10Knowles Sean10401008BAH0
11Ramtulla Aaron10401040BAH0
12Stubbs Kenrick10401059BAH0