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National Championship 4th Qualifier 2017

Last update 24.07.2017 01:26:41, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad and tobago ca (licence 4)

Starting rank

1FMJoseph Marcus7700393TTO2148
2CMSingh Ravishen7700199TTO2032
3CMWiltshire Esan7700318TTO2026
4Martin Mikel7702310TTO1944
5Jones David7700075TTO1902
6Duncan Leonard7700180TTO1890
7CMSears Frank7700121TTO1879
8James Keevin7701373TTO1876
9Lee Hayden7700350TTO1876
10Knight Colin7700695TTO1867
11CMLee Cecil7700164TTO1858
12Lee Courtney7703228TTO1854
13Seaforth Sylvan7701276TTO1781
14Ali Ian7700601TTO1775
15Richards Mark7702736TTO1766
16CMDavis Daryl7701250TTO1756
17Duke Mateo7700474TTO1602
18Drayton Doff7701462TTO1597
19Maharaj Varenyam7704968TTO1572
20Maynard David7703716TTO1571
21Roopnarine Reece7704054TTO1509
22Rambally Eon7703929TTO1303
23CMRampersad Rayden7704100TTO1247
24Boyce CalebTTO0
25Dasent JosephTTO0
26Duncan AmmielTTO0
27Gonzales DanielleTTO0
28Jacob JoshuaTTO0
29Smart JaymeelTTO0