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AUT STMK 1718 NORD Obersteirische Liga

Last update 07.04.2018 19:59:29, Creator/Last Upload: steirischer landesverband

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Kutlesa Peter DI.2170Pernegg40,02,021195
Board 2
1MKMitter Gerd Dr.2203SPG Trofaiach/Niklasdorf90,04,524035
2Wagner Oliver1935Leoben 250,03,020616
3MKWallner Dieter Dr.2050SPG Liezen/Admont40,02,019745
Board 3
1Kogler Norbert1906Pernegg50,02,519595
2Lechner Josef1896Vorwärts Fohnsdorf41,72,519466
3Reiter Peter1887SPG Liezen/Admont40,02,018395
Board 4
1Steiner Bernhard Di1889Vorwärts Fohnsdorf90,04,522575
2Rauchlahner Robert1942Leoben 260,03,019145
3Dietl August1760SPG Liezen/Admont50,02,518105
Board 5
1Hirsch Johann DI.1763SPG Horn Ratten/Krieglach 233,32,016876
2Poelsler Ingolf1726SPG Liezen/Admont30,01,516555
3Tschermernig Peter1635Pernegg25,01,515636
Board 6
1Groinig Juergen DI.1765SPG Trofaiach/Niklasdorf60,03,018995
2Eberdorfer Wolfgang1600SPG Liezen/Admont40,02,015485
3Kahr Johannes1563Pernegg40,02,015115
Board 8
1Schein Alexander1387Leoben 270,03,515155
2Tumur-Ochir Duluu1256SPG Kapfenberg/Norske/Bruck40,02,012625