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Wiener Betriebsmeisterschaft 2017/2018 2. Klasse Süd

Last update 23.03.2018 15:39:04, Creator/Last Upload: wiener schachverband (ta)

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Gröbl Markus Ing.1928Sg Elin / Mühlengrund50,03,518457
2MKKarlstötter Kurt Mag.1915Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv50,03,019116
3Hlinka Peter1775Ksv Wien Schachsektion33,32,017946
Board 2
1Gaertner Markus2087Husek Wien87,57,021508
2Wirrer Horst Dr.1809Wiener Aerzteschachklub85,76,020327
3Humer Thomas1767Unicredit Bank Austria66,74,019266
4Boller Wolfgang1725Tu Wien57,14,018647
5Matschi Christian1702Unicredit Bank Austria41,72,517686
6Wantscher Jürgen17131. Wbsc31,32,516098
7Fuchs Martin1735Roter Bauer 7stern27,82,516599
8Zimmermann Christian1772Ksv Wien Schachsektion21,41,515797
Board 3
1Plank Reinhard1907Ksv Wien Schachsektion71,45,018707
2Gruber Werner1720Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv66,74,018816
3Oppel Albert Dr.1712Ksv Wien Schachsektion64,34,517537
4Laun Magdalena1697Unicredit Bank Austria50,04,517009
5Lentner Johannes15191. Wbsc43,83,516578
6Birnbaum Robert1730Roter Bauer 7stern42,93,016827
7Schmidt Alfred Dr.1718Wiener Aerzteschachklub41,72,516846
Board 4
1Eiler Thomas1654Tu Wien68,85,517978
2Lettner Jochen1669Sg Schwarze Dame / Wombat 236268,85,517498
3Seiser Marcus1564Unicredit Bank Austria62,55,016478
4Eberdorfer Wolfgang1706Sg Elin / Mühlengrund58,33,516506
5Schmied Horst1684Sg Schwarze Dame / Wombat 236257,14,017477
6Zikic Goran13911. Wbsc57,14,016207
7Schneider Christian1669Husek Wien50,04,517079
8Reif Werner DI.1753Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv50,03,016806
9Pohanka Michael1756Wiener Aerzteschachklub41,72,516236
10Braun Georg1606Tu Wien33,32,016116
11Stiassny Peter DI.1600Sg Elin / Mühlengrund33,32,015606
12Lohynski Reinhard1623Unicredit Bank Austria28,62,014927
13Kral Peter Dr.1632Wiener Aerzteschachklub25,01,514806
Board 5
1Mair Josef1550Ksv Wien Schachsektion75,06,018488
2Tursa Franz1778Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv68,85,517458
3Skrepsky Anton1566Husek Wien50,04,015888
Board 6
1Florea Aurelian0Unicredit Bank Austria93,87,518648
2Wenger Patrick1634Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv83,35,016526
3Amritzer Martina1571Husek Wien33,32,013156
4Penthor Adolf DI.1527Wiener Aerzteschachklub28,62,013517
5Aschar Mohammad1135Roter Bauer 7stern25,01,512956