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Last update 23.08.2017 16:47:14, Creator/Last Upload: aleksander sokolski

Overview for team EST

59Garanin AlekseiEST21920½½10½13,548OPEN SECTION
60Chukavin KirillEST215910½10002,572OPEN SECTION
61Lumiste ReneEST21300½1½1014,034OPEN SECTION
62Pedoson Georg AleksanderEST203600110½02,573OPEN SECTION
3WIMNarva MaiEST22101½01½½½4,012GIRLS SECTION
4WFMOlde MargarethEST2122110½0114,58GIRLS SECTION

Player details

Garanin Aleksei 2192 EST Rp:2242 Pts. 3,5
111FMGokerkan Cem Kaan2357TUR4,5w 0OPEN SECTION
219Zamar Kodelja Jurij2251SLO2,0s ½OPEN SECTION
348Molnar Erno2194SVK4,5w ½OPEN SECTION
431Swider Pawel1918POL3,5w 1OPEN SECTION
534Chylewski Patryk2241POL4,0s 0OPEN SECTION
641FMPechac Jergus2441SVK5,0w ½OPEN SECTION
728Baum Jonasz2294POL3,0s 1OPEN SECTION
Chukavin Kirill 2159 EST Rp:2162 Pts. 2,5
19FMOzer Omer Faruk2411TUR3,0s 1OPEN SECTION
218FMDobrovoljc Vid2303SLO3,0w 0OPEN SECTION
347Jakab Bela2195SVK2,5s ½OPEN SECTION
429Rudecki Bartosz1884POL1,0s 1OPEN SECTION
533FMWiniarski Mikolaj2269POL4,5w 0OPEN SECTION
643Nayhebaver Martin2451SVK3,0s 0OPEN SECTION
727FMPacan-Milej Kosma2338POL3,0w 0OPEN SECTION
Lumiste Rene 2130 EST Rp:2123 Pts. 4,0
110FMOzen Deniz2380TUR3,5s 0OPEN SECTION
221CMBrinovec David2178SLO3,5w ½OPEN SECTION
349Matis Tibor1947SVK0,5s 1OPEN SECTION
430Gazda Dominik1438POL3,0s ½OPEN SECTION
535Kokoszczynski Jan2126POL2,0w 1OPEN SECTION
642FMKaras Marek2256SVK3,5s 0OPEN SECTION
726Oglaza Oskar2185POL4,0w 1OPEN SECTION
Pedoson Georg Aleksander 2036 EST Rp:1934 Pts. 2,5
113FMTuncer Tuna2291TUR2,0w 0OPEN SECTION
220Subelj Jan2120SLO4,5s 0OPEN SECTION
350Bugar Peter1807SVK1,5w 1OPEN SECTION
432Winter Anna1561POL0,5w 1OPEN SECTION
536Sanz Wawer Daniel1972POL4,5s 0OPEN SECTION
685FMJablonicky Martin2328SVK4,0w ½OPEN SECTION
775Chyzy Jakub2174POL2,0s 0OPEN SECTION
WIM Narva Mai 2210 EST Rp:2202 Pts. 4,0
135Adamczyk Zuzanna1753POL1,5w 1GIRLS SECTION
29WFMSliwicka Alicja2204POL4,5w ½GIRLS SECTION
330WFMMartynkova Olena2179UKR6,0s 0GIRLS SECTION
436WCMGundogan Sinem Cagla2067TUR2,0s 1GIRLS SECTION
532WIMUnuk Laura2343SLO5,5w ½GIRLS SECTION
615WFMInjac Teodora2279SRB4,5s ½GIRLS SECTION
77WIMKiolbasa Oliwia2241POL3,5s ½GIRLS SECTION
WFM Olde Margareth 2122 EST Rp:2185 Pts. 4,5
134Buchta Agnieszka1720POL3,5s 1GIRLS SECTION
210WFMAntolak Julia2204POL4,5s 1GIRLS SECTION
331Krasnokutskaya Sofiya2182UKR4,0w 0GIRLS SECTION
425WCMOzbay Ece1966TUR5,5w ½GIRLS SECTION
522WFMHrescak Ivana2022SLO3,0s 0GIRLS SECTION
616WFMGajcin Marina2263SRB2,5w 1GIRLS SECTION
78Kubicka Anna2226POL6,0w 1GIRLS SECTION