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2017 North Wales Open

Last update 02.07.2017 20:25:03, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Dineley Richard1800680WLS2269
2Blackburn Jonathan L B1801090WLS2200
3FMJackson Oliver A403156ENG2169
4Jameson David1801538WLS2099
5Surtees Mike J412619ENG2084
6Paterson Andrew I435724ENG2077
7Crocker Philip J403180ENG2068
8Hunt Malcolm A412295ENG2040
9Robinson John K406490ENG2011
10Schulte Felix12914800GER2002
11Mclaughlin Noel S470791IRL1996
12Rita Joao446572ENG1984
13Doran Chris503835ENG1977
14Bryant Richard B E407267ENG1976
15Waterfield John W407143WLS1967
16WFMCooke Suzie G.414930WLS1957
17Taylor Robert Graham1800841WLS1944
18Rice Clifford1804448WLS1927
19Mcdonagh Michael434779ENG1910
20Best Matthew432695ENG1900
21Ridge Michael2401894SCO1872
22Livesey R Nigel419168ENG1814
23WCMCamp Imogen A L1802240WLS1802
24Carroll Thomas450111ENG1769
25Rahulan Thivyaa431940ENG1623