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2017 North Wales Major

Last update 03.07.2017 19:10:31, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Bastow Mark1804987WLS1840
2Hall David G2402394SCO1831
3Blackburn Jon429228ENG1798
4Hartley Dean Martin431575ENG1788
5Wells Barrie1804960WLS1788
6Burton RichardWLS1773
7Whale Michael1803123WLS1759
8Whittington Reece459771ENG1743
9Davies Sam434990ENG1737
10Clegg Robert425150ENG1734
11O'Gorman Brendan419214ENG1714
12Holland Ray J1804618WLS1707
13O'Mahony Mike J449946ENG1699
14Aitchison A Keith2403072SCO1692
15Petkov AntonWLS1691
16Rush Steven J451630ENG1690
17Kirkwood Robin1800990WLS1667
18Soar Timothy J1804049WLS1646
19Gupta Utkarsh2510790IRL1637
20Lee Michael A459879ENG1630
21Roberts Malcolm A404578ENG1629
22Hunt Ray K439290ENG1623
23Rowles Sarah1804111WLS1623
24Szwajkun Richard434850ENG1621
25Merry John458155ENG1608
26Blackburn Sandra1802879WLS1600
27Rathbone-Jones Ifan1803859WLS1599
28Pyrih Roman14179156UKR1585
29Doherty Paul D451126ENG1570
30Petkov Petko (wls)1804545WLS1569
31Danaher Stephen2506157IRL1485
32Lloyd Stephen M402672ENG1485
33Best Francis P432571ENG1475