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Rapid turnir "Zeta 10-2017"

Last update 25.06.2017 00:08:51, Creator: chess club union,Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1GMDrasko Milan900397MNE2430
2FMDjukanovic Sreten920304MNE2220
3Sukovic Andrej16502310MNE2140
4Abramovic Dragoljub918776MNE2125
5Vujacic Igor932620MNE2076
6Putnik Perica16501926MNE2006
7Vuckovic Marko16501870MNE1961
8Sukovic Darko16502329MNE1877
9Knezevic Radomir16500822MNE1811
10Lakusic Zoran16502060MNE1772
11Rakic Tijana16504194MNE1600