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Chung Ling International Chess Open 2017

Last update 24.06.2017 12:39:30, Creator/Last Upload: penangchessassociation

Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Oliver Dimakiling2430PHI 46w1 34b1 27w1 8b1 3w0 14b1 2w1 11b17,034,539,507
2Nelson Villanueva2180PHI 72b1 68w1 15b1 20w1 7b1 3w1 1b0 10w17,034,038,007
3Wong Yinn Long2113MAS120b1 32w1 37b1 12w1 1b1 2b0 13w1 4w½6,535,535,756
4Jonathan Chuah2120MAS 70w1 28b1 6w½ 17b1 44w1 10b½ 8w1 3b½6,533,534,505
5Ang Zhen Yuan1642MAS122b1 76w1 7b0 36w1 29b1 24b1 9w½ 22w16,530,531,006
6Ding Dao En1655MAS 95b1 80w1 4b½ 55w1 10b0 47w1 45b1 19w16,528,028,256
7Tan Khai Boon1981MAS 59w1 31b1 5w1 14b1 2w0 11b0 61w1 27b16,032,530,506
8Amiruddin Zakaria1730MAS 86b1 36w1 21b1 1w0 32b1 16w1 4b0 26w16,032,529,506
9Chuah Hao Feng1780MAS 41b1 30w1 25b1 16w½ 19b½ 37w1 5b½ 15w½6,032,031,754
10Kong Ren En1844MAS 65w1 49b1 57w1 44b½ 6w1 4w½ 12b1 2b06,032,030,505
11Yip Thung1683MAS 62b1 29w0 56b1 31w1 30b1 7w1 18b1 1w06,030,529,506
12Tan Hong Ghee1726MAS 79w1 77b1 35w1 3b0 26w1 17b1 10w0 38b16,030,027,506
13Andre Cheong1720MAS 93b1 17w0 59b1 28w1 21b1 25w1 3b0 35w16,030,027,506
14Tin Shan Ze1691MAS117b1 40w1 60b1 7w0 33b1 1w0 34b1 31w16,030,025,506
15Sim Jia Ru1655MAS116w1 96b1 2w0 77b1 61w1 18b½ 20w1 9b½6,027,523,255
16Chuah Yi Ning1690MAS 92w1 39b1 38w1 9b½ 18w½ 8b0 28w1 17b½5,532,026,504
17Ng Ern Yi1406MAS114w1 13b1 22b1 4w0 58b1 12w0 25b1 16w½5,532,025,255
18Ryan Chan1888MAS 56b1 33w1 58b1 19w½ 16b½ 15w½ 11w0 51b15,530,526,004
19Lieu Chin Yung1704MAS 66w1 71b1 47w1 18b½ 9w½ 20b½ 43w1 6b05,530,025,504
20Eng Jia Qian1769MAS 78w1 64b1 45w1 2b0 43b1 19w½ 15b0 46w15,529,023,755
21Danny Khaw Hee Sheng1512MAS124w1109b1 8w0 48b1 13w0 39b1 23w½ 43b15,529,022,255
22Poh Yu Tian1670MAS 90w1 48b1 17w0 64b1 47w½ 57b1 51w1 5b05,527,022,255
23Goh Bing Ze1314MAS113b1 27w0112b1 60w1 25b0 32w1 21b½ 45w15,525,519,755
24Yip Yong1737MAS 55w½ 83b1 88b1 43w0 68b1 5w0 49w1 48b15,525,021,505
25Koay Yu Zhe1566MAS 52w1 53b1 9w0 39b1 23w1 13b0 17w0 72b15,030,022,505
26Tan Yik Chean1564MAS110b1 88w0 41b1 40w1 12b0 42w1 30b1 8b05,029,022,005
27Eshwant Singh1657MAS121w1 23b1 1b0 30w0 54b1 77w1 33b1 7w05,029,021,505
28Malvinpal Singh1469MAS129b1 4w0 92b1 13b0 66w1 41w1 16b0 62w15,028,019,505
29Lim Cheng Lun1344MAS105w1 11b1 44w0 35b1 5w0 38b0 87w1 57b15,027,520,505
30Chen Tzi Xuen1448MAS130w1 9b0 52w1 27b1 11w0 87b1 26w0 56b15,027,519,505
31Tan Wei Er1453MAS103b1 7w0 62b1 11b0 90w1 76w1 37b1 14b05,027,518,505
32Lai Hong Jun1486MAS126w1 3b0 79w1 70b1 8w0 23b0 65w1 59w15,027,019,005
33Chong Ming Ee1469MAS128w1 18b0 66w1 67b1 14w0 65b1 27w0 52b15,026,519,505
34Chuah Soon Pheng1477MAS127b1 1w0 93b1 63w1 37b0 56w1 14w0 70b15,026,518,505
35Koay Yu Hang1535MAS115b1 99w1 12b0 29w0 80b1 69w1 36b1 13b05,026,517,505
36Chin Mei Qi1442MAS104w1 8b0 96w1 5b0 62w1 52b1 35w0 55b15,026,017,505
37Ferris Lim Feng Wei1632MAS119w1108b1 3w0 71b1 34w1 9b0 31w0 74b15,026,016,005
38Khaw Cheow Kean1497MAS125b1111w1 16b0 46w0 93b1 29w1 53b1 12w05,025,517,005
39Ang Yan Xi1364MAS106b1 16w0 82b1 25w0 89b1 21w0 76b1 60w15,024,516,505
40Chin Chee Boon1380MAS 67w1 14b0 98w1 26b0 52w0 94b1 79w1 53w15,023,517,505
41Vesyal Arulsyankar A/L Shashik1275MAS 9w0142b1 26w0108b1 97w1 28b0 64w1 61b15,023,013,005
42Andrew Pheng Qi Jinn1379MAS 82b0 95w1 53b1 58w0 94b1 26b0 90w1 54w15,021,517,005
43Ng Shi Xuan1604MAS 94b1 54w½ 50b1 24b1 20w0 46w1 19b0 21w04,529,519,504
44Alden Goh Kai Ray1662MAS107b1 69w1 29b1 10w½ 4b0 45w0 46b0 81w14,528,519,004
45Linggeis Daran Devathurai1584MAS 85b1 91w1 20b0 73w1 46b½ 44b1 6w0 23b04,527,517,254
46Lim Wei Sheng1306MAS 1b0 85w1113w1 38b1 45w½ 43b0 44w1 20b04,527,516,754
47Amos Lai1507MAS 89b1 82w1 19b0 69w1 22b½ 6b0 48w0 78w14,526,516,754
48Alice Chin1324MAS 63b1 22w0109b1 21w0 88b1 60w½ 47b1 24w04,526,515,504
49Chong Hui Yi1448MAS131b1 10w0 76b½ 54w0 85b1 50w1 24b0 80b14,524,516,754
50Kanes S/O Govindasamy1534MAS 83w½ 84b1 43w0 78b1 51w0 49b0 63b1 77w14,523,516,254
51Carson Goh Eu Zien1415MAS 98w0116b1108w1 57b½ 50b1 58w1 22b0 18w04,523,014,004
52Immanuel Ng1200MAS 25b0 72w1 30b0 74w1 40b1 36w0 69b1 33w04,028,017,004
53Wong Kah Meng1157MAS 73b1 25w0 42w0117b1 70w1 64b1 38w0 40b04,027,013,504
54Lim Yik1200MAS 84w1 43b½ 55w0 49b1 27w0 81b1 57w½ 42b04,026,516,753
55Wong Chin Yee1258MAS 24b½112w1 54b1 6b0 57w0 68w1 60b½ 36w04,026,514,753
56Darshan Revinthram1298MAS 18w0118b1 11w0 91b1 67w1 34b0 58b1 30w04,026,512,504
57Wong Yi Chee1596MAS 87w1 98b1 10b0 51w½ 55b1 22w0 54b½ 29w04,026,014,253
58Chen Tzi Herng1631MAS123w1100b1 18w0 42b1 17w0 51b0 56w0 90b14,025,514,504
59Shanjay Ram A / L Pragaesh1299MAS 7b0115w1 13w0 96b1 82w1 61b0 67w1 32b04,025,512,504
60Manresh Singh A/L Anoop Singh1505MAS118w1 97b1 14w0 23b0 79w1 48b½ 55w½ 39b04,025,512,253
61Eugene Kong You Jing1488MAS 91b0107w1 80b1 88w1 15b0 59w1 7b0 41w04,024,513,004
62Lim Kun Hoe1211MAS 11w0105b1 31w0109w1 36b0 97b1 73w1 28b04,024,511,504
63Joel Tan Kwong Weng1080MAS 48w0 90b1 75w1 34b0 65w0 66b1 50w0 92w14,024,014,004
64Chuah Ee Hong1410MAS101b1 20w0 89b1 22w0 92b1 53w0 41b0 94w14,023,512,004
65Ooi Siu Pei1298MAS 10b0 89w0115b1 99w1 63b1 33w0 32b0102w14,023,012,004
66Chuah Ee Hwei1216MAS 19b0102w1 33b0101w1 28b0 63w0 88b1 97w14,023,012,004
67Lincoln Chan Zhen Jie1144MAS 40b0117w1 74b1 33w0 56b0 92w1 59b0 93w14,023,011,504
68Tan Yin Kuang1495MAS142w1 2b0 78w½ 83b1 24w0 55b0 84w½ 95b14,023,010,003
69Nathaniel Ng Chee Yang1315MAS133w1 44b0 97w1 47b0 96w1 35b0 52w0 87b14,022,512,504
70Chuah Efu1305MAS 4b0110w1111b1 32w0 53b0103w1 91b1 34w04,022,09,504
71Tan Min Wei1388MAS132b1 19w0 99b1 37w0 76b0 95w0 86b1 91w14,021,513,004
72Lovell Choo Ting Han1306MAS 2w0 52b0104w1 87b0 98w1 89b1101w1 25w04,021,011,504
73Chuah Ee Chao1392MAS 53w0119b1100w1 45b0 87w0 78w1 62b0 96b14,020,510,504
74Esther Ng E-Jo1375MAS109w0 87b1 67w0 52b0100w1110b1 95w1 37w04,019,011,004
75Chong Rou Yi1321MAS112b0 94w1 63b0 89w0 99b1 91w0103b1101w14,018,012,004
76Desmond Kam Zi Pin1200MAS135w1 5b0 49w½ 81b½ 71w1 31b0 39w0 84b½3,526,513,752
77Nithiyanatham S/O Govindasamy1400MAS102b1 12w0 91b1 15w0 95b1 27b0 80w½ 50b03,525,010,753
78Nicholas Neoh Sheng Wei1261MAS 20b0103w1 68b½ 50w0 84w1 73b0104w1 47b03,523,511,003
79Vinnie Tiang Wen Ying1251MAS 12b0101w1 32b0102w1 60b0 88w1 40b0 82w½3,523,510,753
80Bryan Cheong1258MAS134w1 6b0 61w0100b1 35w0108b1 77b½ 49w03,523,510,253
81Loh Jing Lin1412MAS -0 -0110b1 76w½ 83b1 54w0 85b1 44b03,523,010,753
82Kevin Sim Zi Kang1141MAS 42w1 47b0 39w0 92w0 59b0119b1 89w1 79b½3,523,010,753
83Lim Jing H'ng1200MAS 50b½ 24w0 86b1 68w0 81w0 84b0105w1104b13,522,510,753
84Tan Rui Ze1514MAS 54b0 50w0 85b½ 86w1 78b0 83w1 68b½ 76w½3,522,012,502
85Ian Yong Je Pin1200MAS 45w0 46b0 84w½104b1 49w0116b1 81w0110b13,521,57,753
86Kagesh A/L Athithan1257MAS 8w0104b½ 83w0 84b0118w1105b1 71w0106b13,518,57,753
87Hoo Kai Ping1200MAS 57b0 74w0106b1 72w1 73b1 30w0 29b0 69w03,025,010,503
88Low Luke Liang1196MAS137w1 26b1 24w0 61b0 48w0 79b0 66w0111b13,024,510,003
89Ng Kok Cheong1200MAS 47w0 65b1 64w0 75b1 39w0 72w0 82b0109b13,024,010,003
90Abby Tan Li Shuen1205MAS 22b0 63w0103b1112w1 31b0102w1 42b0 58w03,024,08,003
91Tan Dickshi1200MAS 61w1 45b0 77w0 56w0109b1 75b1 70w0 71b03,023,510,003
92Malles A/L Athithan1212MAS 16b0106w1 28w0 82b1 64w0 67b0 98w1 63b03,023,59,003
93Kiev Siow Jia Shen1232MAS 13w0114b1 34w0 98b1 38w0101b0100w1 67b03,023,08,003
94Gerald Lim Khai Xien1200MAS 43w0 75b0105w1111b1 42w0 40w0 99b1 64b03,023,07,003
95Bryan Lim Chun Kit1200MAS 6w0 42b0114w1113b1 77w0 71b1 74b0 68w03,022,57,503
96Kevin Lim1200MAS136b1 15w0 36b0 59w0 69b0109w1114b1 73w03,022,57,503
97Annabelle Tan Li Jia1072MAS140b1 60w0 69b0107w1 41b0 62w0108w1 66b03,022,08,003
98Yvonne Yeoh Xin Ying1183MAS 51b1 57w0 40b0 93w0 72b0111w1 92b0112w13,020,58,003
99Isaac Lee Zhan Fan1185MAS139w1 35b0 71w0 65b0 75w0113b1 94w0108b13,020,57,003
100Ambert Chan Wye Zhe1187MAS138b1 58w0 73b0 80w0 74b0112w1 93b0114w13,020,07,503
101Lyn Siow Jia Yi1175MAS 64w0 79b0116w1 66b0117w1 93w1 72b0 75b03,020,06,003
102Lawrens Khor Sheng Zhi1161MAS 77w0 66b0119w1 79b0116w1 90b0110w1 65b03,017,54,503
103Yap Ze Yuan1200MAS 31w0 78b0 90w0119b1111w1 70b0 75w0113b13,017,54,003
104Ooi Yuen Zer1199MAS 36b0 86w½ 72b0 85w0106b1107w1 78b0 83w02,520,56,752
105Low Yi Xuan1088MAS 29b0 62w0 94b0115w1107b½ 86w0 83b0118w12,518,54,752
106Chan Jing Ying1090MAS 39w0 92b0 87w0118b½104w0142b1107b1 86w02,516,03,252
107Chew Ge Yin1204MAS 44w0 61b0142w1 97b0105w½104b0106w0119b12,515,52,252
108Vignesa S/O Manogaren1200MAS141b1 37w0 51b0 41w0112b1 80w0 97b0 99w02,022,55,502
109Tan Chien Yueh1123MAS 74b1 21w0 48w0 62b0 91w0 96b0117b1 89w02,021,55,502
110Joel Loo Kaiyi1200MAS 26w0 70b0 81w0114b1113w1 74w0102b0 85w02,021,03,502
111Lim Re Ann1050MAS -1 38b0 70w0 94w0103b0 98b0119w1 88w02,019,54,501
112Barruni A/P T.S. Mohan Raj1064MAS 75w1 55b0 23w0 90b0108w0100b0116w1 98b02,019,05,502
113Matthew Lee Zhan Xu1058MAS 23w0 -1 46b0 95w0110b0 99w0115b1103w02,018,55,001
114Chan Jun Xiang1170MAS 17b0 93w0 95b0110w0115b1117w1 96w0100b02,016,03,502
115Lee Wincen1200MAS 35w0 59b0 65w0105b0114w0118b1113w0142b12,015,51,502
116Chee Zhi Qian1200MAS 15b0 51w0101b0142w1102b0 85w0112b0117w½1,517,50,751
117Viknaaraj A/L R.Indran1214MAS 14w0 67b0118w1 53w0101b0114b0109w0116b½1,516,52,251
118Poh Xiao Xun1200MAS 60b0 56w0117b0106w½ 86b0115w0142w1105b01,516,01,251
119Chua Jui Ze1200MAS 37b0 73w0102b0103w0142b1 82w0111b0107w01,017,50,001
120Muhamad Zaki B. Rajali1302MAS 3w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
121Aerona Angelica Vincent1200MAS 27b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
122Choo Hong Yee1200MAS 5w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
123Dhurgesh Nair1200MAS 58b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
124Maheswaran A/L Balasubramaniam1200MAS 21b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
125Ruiz Liw Ji Rui1200MAS 38w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
126Tan Jie Song1200MAS 32b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
127Tan Jing Jie1200MAS 34w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
128Tanush Mohapatra1200IND 33b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
129Vemalraj A/L Balasubramanam1200MAS 28w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
130Yeoh Xin Yu1200MAS 30b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
131Yeoh Zi Jie1200MAS 49w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
132Koay Jing Yuan1150MAS 71w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
133Ahmad Nejad Bin Muhd Zaki1061MAS 69b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,50,000
134Muhammad Rafiquzzaman Abdullah1746MAS 80b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,00,000
135Nicholas Tan Yi Quan1632MAS 76b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,016,00,000
136Nicholas Cheah Yet P'ng1542MAS 96w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,50,000
137Teh Hooi Kiang1442MAS 88b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,50,000
138Teh Ren Xuan1439MAS100w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,50,000
139Benjamin Lee Eu Jin1429MAS 99b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,50,000
140Chen Chi Seng1324MAS 97w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,015,50,000
141Retanvelu Karshan1463MAS108w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,014,50,000
142She Shuen Fei1200MAS 68b0 41w0107b0116b0119w0106w0118b0115w00,014,00,000

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories (variable)