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South Zone Chess Carnival 2017- BU8

Last update 22.06.2017 14:16:32, Creator: singapore chess federation,Last Upload: arlan cabe

Starting rank

1Chong Tian LeSGP0
2Lee Yu LiangSGP0
3Lim Dao WeiSGP0
4Lim Sze Jun AlexSGP0
5Tan Jun Wei XavierSGP0
6Tan Kai Erng JoshuaSGP0
7Tang Zhao JieSGP0
8Too Yuan Xun CaydenSGP0
9Yeong Jie Kai IgnatiusSGP0
10Yip Bin Hong LukeSGP0
11Yuen Lambreghts KasperSGP0