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SilvestrovskĆ½ turnaj B

Last update 29.12.2009 15:22:14, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank

1Filip TomasCZE1250Spartak Vlasim
2Pikal DavidCZE1250Spartak Vlasim
3Voldan VaclavCZE1250Spartak Vlasim
4Zdych DanielCZE1250Spartak Vlasim
5Filip MarekCZE1100Spartak Vlasim
6Lanka PavelCZE1100Spartak Vlasim
7Lanka PetrCZE1100Spartak Vlasim
8Lebeda PetrCZE1100Spartak Vlasim
9Myslivecek TomasCZE1100Spartak Vlasim
10Rohac PavelCZE1100Spartak Vlasim
11Vlkova AnezkaCZE1100Spartak Vlasim
12Krajicek ZdenekCZE0Spartak Vlasim
13Laloucek MartinCZE0Spartak Vlasim
14Limburkova DenisaCZE0Spartak Vlasim
15Machacek JanCZE0Spartak Vlasim
16Zajicek AdamCZE0Spartak Vlasim
17Zajicek JakubCZE0Spartak Vlasim
18Zelenka LubosCZE0Spartak Vlasim