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The Fifth Year Kau Yan School Chess Tournament 2017 Grade 3-4 Section

Last update 20.06.2017 11:30:07, Creator/Last Upload: christopher kao

Starting rank

1吳 紫陽HKG8
2張 皓榮HKG9
3曾 浩忻HKG10
4李 展泓HKG9
5林 以仁HKG9
6梁 倬銘HKG9
7梁 子謙HKG10
8梁 懿HKG10
9楊 樂恩HKGw9
10歐陽 浚琛HKG9
11江 啟希HKG10
12賈 曉嵐HKG
13郭 穎晉HKG8
14鄺 展朗HKG8
15關 朗天HKG10
16陳 力行HKG9
17韓 適HKG9
18韓 錠林HKG9
19馮 亮鈞HKG9
20馮 韡中HKG10
21魏 子堯HKG9
22黃 俊熹HKG10
23黃 毅HKG9
24黃 汶湜HKGw10
25黃 立然HKG8