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SK Bohemia Pardubice - vánoèní bleskový turnaj

Last update 28.12.2009 14:52:03, Creator/Last Upload: ave-kontakt pardubice cze

Starting rank list of players

7Navratil FrantisekCZE22402222 Sk Polabiny
9Petuchov SergejCZE2164Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.s.
18Outulny PavelCZE2146Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.s.
10Korol JiriCZE20942222 Sk Polabiny
12Vodicka PavelCZE2056Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
17Trasak OndrejCZE2051Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
1Lausman PetrCZE2041Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
20Voboril PavelCZE2023Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.s.
22Mazuch JanCZE2016Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
5Zelenka JaroslavCZE2001Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
21Horacek MichalCZE2000Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
15Diblik RudolfCZE1950
4Hon JiriCZE1933Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.s.
14Juchelka PetrCZE1891Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
8Kraus OndrejCZE1888Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.s.
16Skroch MartinCZE18642222 Sk Polabiny
11Roub BohumilCZE18602222 Sk Polabiny
19Janko JanCZE1855Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.s.
13Urbanek JosefCZE1725Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.s.
2Zoubek DavidCZE1625Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.s.
6Krejci JanCZE15942222 Sk Polabiny
3Kvapil PavelCZE15072222 Sk Polabiny