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Lower Northern Thailand Junior Chess Championship 2017 G9

Last update 18.06.2017 07:15:23, Creator/Last Upload: sahapol nakvanich

Starting rank

1Anutara ChoogilnhomTHA0Prachasamukee School
2Chiratchaya JaengthongTHA0Wattamaprang School
3Kanyarat PhomchoalTHA0Prachasamukee School
4Nachakorn KutchamathTHA0Anuban Phitsanulok School
5Nushameerah PikunkanTHA0Wattamaprang School
6Pakwan TanratanawongTHA0Anuban Phitsanulok School
7Paphawarin SrisamutTHA0Wattamaprang School
8Phakkhaphon KhuncharoanTHA0Prachasamukee School
9Phatcharathida KhamainTHA0Watklongtan School
10Pheraya ChoeibuaTHA0Watklongtan School
11Phiraya ChoeibuaTHA0Watklongtan School
12Suchada MaklinTHA0Watyanyawphrachanukun School
13Tanya SrikaewTHA0Prachasamukee School
14Thammakorn SuadeeTHA0