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Richmond Megafinal U12 to U18 Boys & Girls

Last update 13.06.2017 04:01:12, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1Klingher DominicENG202Christ College Finchley
2Kumaresan DarshanENG151Tiffin Boys
3Samadov SamirENG142Ucs
4Rundstrom KyleENG129King's College
5Shaw OliverENG126Highgate
6Sian ArjanENG74Hampton School
7Low LewisENG70Teddington School
8Rundstrom RyanENG68Saint Paul's Junior
9Barnett NatalieENG0Priors Field School
10Macklin AlexanderENG0Fulham Preparatory School
11Raj RohanENG0Hampton Boys
12Smith CharlieENG0Tiffin
13Smith JayENG0Tiffin
14Stachniak AnnaENG0Latymer