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Richmond Megafinal U11 Boys

Last update 13.06.2017 02:41:09, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1Ramesh AbhishekdevENG117Staines Prep
2Sharma NaavyaENG100Staines Preparatory School
3Blackburn AndrewENG95Hampton Hill Junior School
4Adigun BenENG38Marshgate Primary School
5Storey ZachENG37Hampton Hill Junior School
6Irvine MatthewENG36
7Ayres HenryENG0Hampton Hill Junior School
8Berressem GeorgeENG0Trafalgar Junior School
9Bramhall GeorgeENG0Trafalgar Junior School
10Garodia PiyushENG0Sw Chess Club
11Holland TomENG0Sheen Mount Primary
12Kirkpatrick ThomasENG010124 (priory Preparatory School)
13Martin Ribas NicolasENG0German School
14Mavrostomos MichailENG0St Dunstans Cheam C Of E Primary Sc
15Patel KiyanENG0Russell Primary School
16Poole JosephENG0Trafalgar Junior School
17Schuberth FredENG0East Sheen Primary
18Smith ArchieENG0Russell Primary School
19Tennakoon YevinENG0Hampton Hill Junior School
20Thakur AaravENG0Richmond Jcc
21Tompkins GovanENG0Marshgate Primary School
22Virley DominicENG0Richmond Jcc