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LBV NK Lightning Chess 2017 Round 1 - Group i

Last update 12.06.2017 10:38:44, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank list of players

2GMSwinkels Robin1010824NED2512Hmc Den Bosch
4FMVon Meijenfeldt Bart1032259NED2278De Toren Arnhem
6FMWarmerdam Max1048104NED2243Muconsult Apeldoorn
5Grodotzki Kenneth4648560GER2011Sv Mülheim Nord
1Habibi Hamoen1048651NED1970
8Lammers Anton1054660NED1849
3De Lange Hans1012738NED1715
7Olsman Maarten1060767NED0Schaakclub Gorinchem